Upside Down Hanging Baskets Are The New Happening!

Upside Down Hanging Baskets Are The New Happening!

Weddings and celebratory events are brought to life by decadent decorations with flowers, dry décor and baskets. The latest trend has shown us that hanging baskets upside down creates a soft and beautiful ambience. These upside down baskets can be in different sizes and shapes and embellished with bells, ribbons. Flowers, lights and tassels among many things. The baskets are hung in multiples and at different heights to create a cascade of pure beauty. These baskets can be used at the entrance, massed together on a wall or on a tree bough in an open garden. The result is a beautifully lighted and decorated grouping that wins hearts and accolades.


LED lights wrapped around a tree trunk and upside down baskets with free flowing tassels make a vibrant combination.


Cane baskets hung upside down, parandis and lights, the most creative and innovative combination that creates beauty and atmosphere.


Seating arrangements at the mehendi are enhanced with breezy curtains and massed baskets, making the bride look radiant.


Natural climbers with masses of blooms make upside baskets in novel shapes look like a part of the natural beauty scape.


Why stick to flowers when foliage looks so pretty? Elaborate entrances look amazing with baskets holding green trails!


Breakfast nooks in wedding spaces can look lush and verdant with hanging baskets with auspicious leaves to create a space that is private and soothing.


Who thought simple woven baskets could hold so much allure when filled with pretty and delicate flowers? Create beauty with simplicity!


Trailing floral arrangements with dense foliage threaded through upturned baskets invite the bride to enhance her beauty.


The intense blue of the swimming pool contrasts with earthy floral arrangements in baskets of humble woven cane!


The humble marigold comes to life when bunched as chandeliers hung from tree boughs, swayingin the breeze and creating magic!


Green is the colour of abundance and marriages are blessed with verdant leafy baskets hung upside down!


White and pink are the colours of romance, and weddings symbolize the beauty of love and relationships. Multiple baskets with ethereal and delicate flowers make the venue look like paradise!


Contemporary designs can be created with baskets and lights to create a cheery and modern décor !