Wedding Photography Trends That Ruled The Wedding Industry in 2017

Wedding Photography Trends That Ruled The Wedding Industry in 2017

Wedding seasons are around the clock and can happen every time, anytime and it is a serious note to keep up with pace and to be updated with anything that's been adapted to in this particular space. Once you do not know what's going around, that's when you get bowled over by someone at their best. Pixel story is exclusively here with us hinting us on the various trends that stirred some attention in the year 2017! We are immensely thankful to @pixel-story# for taking the time in disintegrating the trends and making us understand it better. Here goes.

A. Black and White photography: Earlier Black n White photography was used only for artistic shots however we saw frequent use of black and white Images last year. We saw many brides appreciating this style of photography over coloured ones as Black n white images remove the focus from the variation in the composition and prompt the viewer to concentrate on the emotion captured.

B. Shooting with adorable Pets and Insuring their presence in the wedding ceremony: Pets, especially dogs have always earned a special place in our hearts. They are as important as any other family member and the new age couples do not refrain from taking them to the venue and make them witness their humans getting married.

C. Arial Photography using Drones: Drones are pretty cool. They offer unique perspectives of your wedding that would otherwise be impossible to capture. Proper planning and execution of drone marriage photography can produce some of the best and exceptional photography results.

D. Exotic Location for Pre-wedding shoots: Last year 70% of the couples we shot made us travel to exotic locations for their pre and post-wedding shoots. Creative locations help in building the composition and also capture interesting shots.

Some of our most favourite locations are - Kabini, Hyderabad, Goa and Mahabalipuram. 

E. Destination Weddings with minimal number of guests: Destination elopement has gained so much of popularity in last couple of years and would continue to be so in the coming years as well.

F. Increasing Use of Smoke Bombs & Cold Fire: These two trends caught-up very fast and we saw usage of these two elements almost in all the weddings. Using smoke bombs and cold fire is a great way to make wedding photos look exotic and happening that too without spending too much money. These elements are mostly used at the time of bridal/groom/couple entry. However, when captured appropriately, the colours will shine through and create some of the most amazing shots.

G.      Underwater Shots gained Popularity & this trend will increase in 2018: With the advent of waterproof cameras and GoPro cameras in the market, underwater shoots are gaining popularity worldwide. Mainly popular among athletes or sports personalities.

H.      Selfie Shots : Many tech savvy couples have now started having selfie stations at their wedding venues for their friends and families. These stations basically consist of a nice background for people to click photos at the wedding along with Polaroid Instant Digital Camera along with wish book. This trend is gaining tremendous popularity and will continue to prevail in the coming years as well.