Here's A Maternity Shoot, All You Moms-to-Be Have To Check Out!

Here's A Maternity Shoot, All You Moms-to-Be Have To Check Out!

Being preggers is a very exciting stage, not just for the mom-to-be but also her partner! This stage of life always brings in a lot more love and the bond truly grows between the mother, her husband and their baby. Every husband is seen going out of his way to take care of his wife, by satiating every craving of hers be it ice cream or paani puri and this is when they begin showing their first signs of being a good father. Scroll down to see the lovely photos shot by @the-fhoto#!

Couples nowadays document every stage of the pregnancy and the journey when you look back at it is mind-blowingly beautiful! Even the ultrasound photos find their way into the 'Baby' album! But one thing all couples do today is maternity shoots which truly embody their love for each other and their uncontainable excitement for the baby that's on its way!  


We love when photographers go out of their way to make a couple's photoshoot special and sometimes even "Instagram-worthy"! 

Here's this beautiful couple photographed by the amazing team at @the-fhoto# who look stunning in these earthy tones! This was all captured in a lush green resort and we are in awe with the final output of the photos!

We love all of the bride and groom's choice of outfits and how they stuck to earthy tones to complement the colour palette of the photographs. The bride looks especially in theme given that she has chosen floral Indo-western dresses to show off her baby bump!