Honeymoon Destinations For The Foodie Couple

Honeymoon Destinations For The Foodie Couple

Make your honeymoon something that you both are passionate about and would bond over.

Cura'ao, Caribbean Islands

The islands in general are known for the incredible sea food that they offer, and the papayas of course that seem to be a favorite there. However Curacao in particular has a very diverse food scene, with cuisines ranging from Japanese, French and Indonesian to Dutch and Brazilian. The local cuisine includes local krioyo (Creole), yuana (stewed iguana), keshi yen (stuffed cheese), and kokada (coconut patties) that cannot be missed.


Bologna, Italy

Given the nickname, the fat one, because of the city's excellent food and wealth. Heard of Bolognese sauce? Well, this is where it originated from. You can only imagine the flavourful experience that awaits you.


Mexico City, Mexico

A city that comes with its own food tours, choose a Downtown Food Tour or Local Neighbourhood Food Tour and take your pallet on an unforgettable ride. From tacos to burritos, enjoy the authentic flavours of Mexico with your other half.


Napa Valley, California

Perfect scenery accompanied by wine and gourmet food, there is nothing more you could need on your honeymoon. They have the best wineries in the country, if your partner and you appreciate wine. Other than that, the place is serene, simple and authentic to its very core. If you do decide to visit, make sure it coincides with the Napa Valley's food and wine festivals.


New York City, United States

A place that needs no introduction, it will surprise, astonish and leave you utterly bewildered with its sheer awesomeness. Have Italian for lunch and Indian food for dinner, and you'll enjoy both! The best of everything, this is for the couples who like to go big or go home, and can't be satisfied with just one cuisine.


Madrid, Spain

Experience the quaint family restaurants that use the best ingredients and serve traditional Spanish food that warms your soul. Eat through the markets, experience fresh sea food, chocolate churros and dine with the locals as they tell you the ancient stories of the city. Spain offers a trip for the heart and the stomach.


Paris, France

If you pick Paris then it is safe to say that you will spend a good amount of your time at a beautiful bakery and a cheese shop. These are two things that will instantly attract you to Paris. Not to mention an unforgettable dinner at the Eiffel tower, isn't that every romantic's dream?