These Top 10 Wedding Venues in Hyderabad Are Rocking The Show, Literally!

These Top 10 Wedding Venues in Hyderabad Are Rocking The Show, Literally!

Massive halls, stunning decors, thumping beats, delicious food, dressed up people, yes! We're talking about Wedding Scenarios in Hyderabad. Thanks to some huge Convention Centers and royal looking venues that are ready to hold these Wedding Events that are grand and very often just extra huge! Here is a list of Wedding Venues in Hyderabad that is going to help you impress your guests while making you love the experience of playing host!

1.Marakesh Convention Center


Image Source A Moroccan themed Venue, where even one sunset feels like it's about a hundred Sunsets. Situated on a hill top, Marakesh hosts parties, events which include Weddings as well. Say 'I do' to the love of your love, on a hill top, whiff and dance through the lovely sunset! Quite the picture of everything good in "Love" right? Well that's just how you deserve to kick start your special day!

2.Amrutha Castle

A Princess sized wedding at the Castle would be a tough choice to give up on. Amrutha Castle offers amazing services and such photogenic infrastructures that truly makes the couple feel like Royalty!  

3.Songs Of Earth Resorts


A name that is absolutely self-explanatory we must say! Just as the name means, this resort has some amazing set-up for Wedding events. Crystal Chandeliers setting groovy vibes to the venue, it only gets better with the warm customer service that would make your guest feel at home. They even offer activities that also help keep the Wedding guests of various age group active and involved at the venue.The venue encourages green and peace, lives up to it and makes sure you get the best of what they offer!  

4.Ellaa Hotels

If 'The Best' is your preference without no compromising, then Ella is the best place for you to hurry up and reach. Ellaa has hosted Weddings events where Clients were more than content with their services. This could be one of the best venues, with candle lights and lamps and an old fashioned banquet set-up, this venue has some of the best features in fact!

5.Dreamland Gardens

Hushed between the less annoying and more beautiful greenery, Dreamland is sure to make you start liking the space in even a glance of place. If you love eco-centric day spent among people who love nature then Dreamland is the best way to spend your Special Day!

6.Hyderabad International Convention Center (HICC)

Known to be one of the best and Asia's Finest, HICC has the most comfortable facilities and spacious hall that could definitely hold a 'happening' crowd at a 'big-fat-Indian-Wedding'!


Novotel-Exterior Image Source Spread over 15 acers and right adjacent to 'Asia's Finest' convention center, the HICC, Novotel is definitely living up to the standards of being a part of HICC. Outdoor swimming pool, lakeside-view and amazingly organized service, Novotel is the best if you're planning a grand, fun wedding in Hyderabad.


JRC- mera events hyd

If you think you're stressing out on your wedding arrangements, you don't have to, after you've booked your date at JRC. Offering the best services with spacious convention halls and grand catering and other services, JRC is quickly becoming a favorite Wedding Spot for most couples and their families. They even offer decor services and DJ's that you can alter according to your preferences.  

9.N Convention

N Convention is known to have some of the best 'lush greens' you'd ever see right in the middle of a busy hub of a city. A perfect blend of nature, service and cuisine is what N Convention is all about.  

10.Fort Grand

If you're looking at presenting the most impressive and memorable 'Wedding Celebration' memory for your guests, then Fort Grand is an awesome pick! Why? Because here at Fort Grand, they've brought under one single roof, everything 'Hyderabadi' about Hyderabad and that's why starting from the ambience to the service Fort Grand has the best quality.