Top 16 Makeup Artists In Chennai Are Here To Make You Look Like Sizzling Celebrities!- Part 1

Looking for some Celeb-Glow to add to your Big Day? These Makeup Artists are totally becoming a buzz in town with their artistic talents. Brides love their out-of-the-world kind of makeup work and we aren't guessing why.

A Ibrahim

MUA- Ibrahim 1 MUA- Ibrahim 2


We've seen the man work his magic with Bridal Makeup and no, it's not one minute magic. His hard work, artistic strokes and focus on highlighting the best features of a bride turns out to be the perfect equation on his work. His happy soul can set any situation at ease, no wonder he is on every to-be-brides favorite artist list!

Meenal Momaya


MUA- Meenal 3

This talented artist, who has been working in the industry for decades now, is one of the best and most sought after Makeup artists. Years of mastering the art of Makeup has indeed gotten Meenal Momaya to heights in her carrier. Brides adore her work for the kind of Celeb feels it adds to their beauty.

Shabas                                  12193779_1112377925448590_6468526601421363571_n 10849892_933968346622883_6675928482914775724_n


Who better can set high standards for makeup other than Shaabas? His works are distinct, detailed and make one look like glorious, naturally! One of the first few on the go-to list of every bride looking for a Celeb-look, we must say.

Noor Mohammed

12247024_444271459094976_7468913617086079714_n 12107712_10153709649778824_1379497725377681758_n

This extravagant talent has majorly impressed brides with his works. A bride doesn't even have to try to add a glow for her Big Day, his work would make one so comfortable and confident, that it feels complete once he is done!

Akrithi Sachdev       12020021_10153686767483824_7107486828461222096_n LB6A3872_resize Akrithi's quirky, classy and artistic touches are quite a work. It isn't easy, but it's the best kind of look a Bride could ever ask for, to stand out in a crowd. Her focus on individual strengths and highlighting beauty in a flawless way is a whole new level of dreamy.

Bronzer- Viji




You know there can't be a better credit than when a makeup artist officially hits the bridal favorite list! Viji not just does makeup; she is a dose of extra cheer and fun to be around. Her works are always on a perfection level that sets it apart!

Samantha Jagan

Keba_Sara_164 10857917_871954696170657_4713953877775950795_n

Perfect blends of Diva and Carefree look that Samantha adds is one of the main reasons to-be-brides love her work. Brides looking for a diva-celeb twist on their makeup for their big day can comfortably approach the lovely Samantha to work her stunning magic!

Prakruthi Ananth

12714296_10153919785709812_704672585_n 12041801_10153919785834812_255649671_n12736050_10153919785854812_701839930_n 12735854_10153919785764812_669897729_n

Prakruthi who started off as a freelance makeup artist is now quickly becoming a trending and most sought after makeup artist in town. Her skillful work totally feels like a whole new upgrade if you're looking for a celeb-look! Her brushes have truly taken a life of their own while her artistic work sets beauty aglow!

This list has not been based on any order. Every artist is special in their own awesome way!