A Dream Wedding That Was Planned In Dubai And Executed In Bangalore

A Dream Wedding That Was Planned In Dubai And Executed In Bangalore

Our beautiful bride Padmashree tells us how she planned her dream wedding. Read on to know her story.

Vinay and I met in Dubai through arranged marriage set up, while I was already working in Dubai and my husband Vinay just moved 2 years before he met me in Dubai for his job after his masters from Europe.  We strongly believe that everything that happened in our lives were sequential and it was meant to happen. Dubai brought us together to lead this happy and beautiful life.

Our story is very well explained in the attached pictures which Vinay wrote all by himself to create an online wedding card. We got the caricatures done from online shop by describing to them how we want it with some pictures of us.

Few words about the wedding and the arrangements, we both remotely from Dubai along with the help of close friends who were locally present to fix all of the different vendors chose the wedding venue, wedding cards (which we designed by ourselves), wedding decor, catering menu, garlands, gifts to all our relatives etc.

We had 1 year of courtship period before the wedding and we really enjoyed organizing our wedding all by ourselves right from small things to big ones. We booked our wedding venue as a first thing and we always wanted a cozy place where we could feel home. We rightly found Ganjam Mantap Bull temple road, Bangalore to suit our needs. The wedding venue was previously family owned house and later it was converted to a wedding hall and we both fell in love with the mandap the moment we visited the place.

Secondly, we were very keen to fix our caterer and with the help of few friends and their recommendations and tasting sessions, we settled for a caterer from Bangalore with clear requirements and menu from our end. As they say, food is the most important part of Indian weddings and our caterer made sure our guests remember our wedding with a say about his catering.

Later on, we booked the decorator, our wedding/reception outfits, Jewelry etc step by step. All my jewelleries were bought in Dubai and we got our engagement rings made to order with our names engraved.

As I mentioned earlier, I believed strongly in customizing things for my wedding and doing it all by myself. My reception Lehanga was customized according to my style by online designer from Delhi and it was shipped to Dubai. I was so overwhelmed about the quality and the details of the works and the colours which came out so well just like I wanted. My husband’s outfit was purchased from @manyavar# Bangalore to match my outfit.

The wedding sarees were purchased at Kanchipuram directly from the weavers. Myself with my sister and her friends went around a small village near Kanchipuram and visited many weavers before we finalized the designs.

My muhurtham saree was a very grand and detailed one which was as well bought from a weaver directly as per the colour requirement for the ritual which my husband is so happy about even today. 

I made the design outlines for all my saree blouses that was brought into reality by a zardosi artist from Erode who was referred by my sister for his excellent work.

We had  the sangeet on the evening of our wedding  with very close friends to celebrate our gathering and there were few beautiful surprises lined up for me in the event thus wrapping our three beautiful and joyous days of our lives.

Our wedding photography was done by @smarya-wedding-made-memorable#. They did a fabulous job and my makeup was by G.Venkatesh. His work was so good I couldn’t have asked for more.