A Eliciting Wedding Story Of Two Childhood Sweethearts

A Eliciting Wedding Story Of Two Childhood Sweethearts

It all began on the day of our school’s annual function. That was when I saw Rathan standing as a volunteer. I was challenged to ask his name and I did. From that day onwards whenever Rathan crosses my class room all my friends will start shouting “Rathin…. Ethane….. Methane” and all, as his name sounded like a chemical compound.

One evening as I was walking with my friends, an RX100 bike crossed us and stood just in front of us. It was Rathan. He wrote his phone number on a piece of paper and said “endha number ku kupudu…naa unkita paesanum”.  He came the next day evening and asked “why you didn’t you call?”. I did not respond.Days later I just called him from my landline. After that it was like 100’s of calls, non-stop talking, chatting, texting and all that. All this happened during my 10th standard.

I was in 11th standard when I first introduced Rathan to my family. He is a friend. I said. From that day on he became a regular visitor. Rathan got along with my family beautifully. With time, both our families got closer. Years later in 2013, I admitted to my mother. I’m in love with Rathan. “Nenachan di..” She said like she had known all along. Even before we had realized it!

Professing my love for Rathan to my mother was a cakewalk. Now came the scary part. Speaking to my father. For some reason, I found the very thought daunting. I’m one of those people who fear their dads for no good reason.Two years later, my dad set on a groom hunt for me. When my parents went to check my horoscope, the jodaidar told my parents that it’s better to get me married to a guy from another caste. He said that only then will I have a good future. That was when my mom spoke to my dad about Rathan. That was my half of the story.

Rathans mom played a huge part in convincing Rathans father for our wedding. Things finally worked out in 2015 when Rathan began working at TCS. Then it was fixed. Finally!

We planned for a pre-wedding shoot immediately after our wedding date were fixed. We chose Bric A Brac Creations. Our plan was to finish 3 sessions in a days’ time.

Wedding Hall – Brindhavan Auditorium, Coimbatore

We had no other thoughts or options other than Brindhavan Auditorium.We were very sure of having our wedding only in Brindhavan. Some emotional connect.

Invitation – PPS Cards & Paradise, Coimbatore

It’s actually our friend’s shop. So, we decided to choose our wedding card design from them. Family card was decided by our parents and friend’s card was designed by my husband and our friend. (Paradise Cards)

Decoration & Garlands – Deepikaa Flowers, Coimbatore

It’s my uncles concern. So, we decided to hand over the whole responsibility to him including stage decoration, hall decoration and welcome area.

Photography – @studio-vaibhava#

Actually 2-3 of my friend’s wedding was already covered by Studio Vaibhava. We were satisfied with their photographic works. So, we did not think of any alternatives other than these people. And they have actually done a great job in our wedding as well.

Dance Performance – 21 Dance Studio (Prabu Metly)

Prabhu anna is actually my husband’s friend. He is such an enthusiastic and a wonderful performer. Prabhu anna and his team preformed in our wedding and it was actually a total shock for me. Even my husband performed for a song all of a sudden in the stage. This was absolutely amazing. I was completely blown away.

Make-up Artist – @sahanaa-moorthy# Makeup Artist (for the Bride) & Green Trends (for the Groom)

When I was searching for makeup artist, the first thing I was looking for was a neat and a very simple makeup. I was extremely satisfied with Sahanaa Moorthy’s bridal makeups. She had actually done it for one of my PG friend and it was very neat and an extra ordinary makeup, so I decided to book her for my wedding and I actually booked her 4-5 months before my marriage.

Florist – Kavya Flowers, Coimbatore

My makeup artist suggested Kavya Flowers for flower jada and flower jewellery and Ms. Kavya did a very satisfying job.

Blouse Designers – Vichitra Salwars, Coimbatore

I stitch all my blouses and Salwars from Vichitra regularly. So, I don’t want to risk it for my wedding. So, without any second thoughts I gave all my blouses to be worked and stitched in Vichitra Salwars. And all my blouses were absolutely mind blowing. Everyone complemented me for it.

Catering – Madhampatty Thangavelu Hospitality Private Limited

When we started to talk about our wedding, my husband made it very clear that our caterer would be Madhampatty Thangavelu. Everyone was ok with it and so we finalised him whole heartedly.

April 8th – Evening - Mehendi

Dress – Brocade, Coimbatore

Flower Ornaments – Kavya Flowers, Coimbatore

Bridal Mehendi – Mehta Mehendi Artist

April 9th - Morning - Engagement

Saree from Mom’s side - VRK Silks, Coimbatore

Saree from Groom’s side - @psr# Silks, Coimbatore

Groom’s Suit – @jade-blue#, Hyderabad

Gold & Diamond Jewellery – Kirtilals Jewellery Store, Coimbatore

Silver Items – Mehta Jewellers, Coimbatore

Engagement Cake – Lavish, Coimbatore

Footwear- Mochi & Code


Evening - Reception

Saree - @kanakavalli# Kanjivaram, Coimbatore

Groom Suit – Roasted Sand, Coimbatore

A surprise flashmob for the bride, performed by the groom & his friends from 21 Dance Studio (Prabu Metly)

Footwear – Catwalk & Code


April 10th - Morning - Muhurtham

Saree - @kanakavalli# Kanjivaram, Coimbatore

Dhoti – @shree-devi-palace-for-pure-silk# Coimbatore

Silver Ornaments – @sree-kumaran-thangamaligaishoppingretail#, Coimbatore

Gold Jewellery – @kalyan-jewellersjewelrywatches#& @lalithaa-jewellery-martjewelrywatches#, Coimbatore

Diamond Jewellery – @sumangali-jewellersshoppingretail# Coimbatore

Footwear – Inc 5 & LP

I was actually working for “Shopzters” for a while. That experience helped me a lot for deciding on my vendors. Mainly photographer and makeup artists I decided from their works which was put up in Shopzters only. Thank you so much Shopzters.


We went to Maldives and stayed in Paradise island resort. It was really amazing and we also had a post wedding shoot over there.