A Fairytale Fusion Wedding in Hyderabad!

A Fairytale Fusion Wedding in Hyderabad!

A fairytale wedding ably organized by Fairytale Weddings and beautifully captured by @suman-chakri-photography# and Marigold Productions! What more can a bride ask for?

The beautiful Shruti Kommineni looked all the more resplendent in all her finery and it is indeed a pleasure featuring her wedding story in Shopzters.

 So here is a little story of us - My husband, Anishay, and I met at a place where we were volunteering for, during our college days. It's been 6 full years of a roller coaster journey before we decided to get married.

He is a North Indian and I am a typical Telugu South Indian; so it took us a while to convince my family but in the end things worked out and I had my perfect fairy tale wedding.

    My mother and I are designers based in Hyderabad. So we wanted my wedding to be very different from the others in terms of the clothes, decor and everything related. I was very particular about three things for my wedding- clothes, decor and photography.

    My photographers - @suman-chakri-photography# and my Cinematographers - Marigold Productions did a fantastic job covering every moment so perfectly.

     I worked on my entire Bridal trousseau (except for the red Sabyasaachi Lehenga I wore during my reception). My mom and I worked together on getting my wedding sarees weaved specially in Benaras; we did a fusion of the Kanchi style in the Benaras fabrics. 

      As for the wedding decor,I was hell bent on having an outdoor wedding and had some very specific ideas in my head for the wedding decor. Luckily we found the perfect team to help us out.

      Mrs. Vijaya and Mrs. Nivi, who run the Fairytale Weddings have been fantastic in putting together exactly what I had in my head. So all the beautiful pictures you see are because of the amazing work they did. They were extremely patient in listening to and considering every single input of mine.

      Something that I really liked about the team is how they never tried to push the ideas and designs they already have onto me. It was always what I wanted and trying to making the ideas better and adding their professional inputs rather than what they wanted to do.

      In addition to the lovely decor for my haldi/ pellikituru done by Fairy tale weddings, we used my mother's antique collection to add a little personal touch.

        So that pretty much sums up my wedding.I can confidently say that my vendors are one of the best in Hyderabad!

        • Venue - JRC (wedding), Aashiana and Co (Sangeet)
        • Decorator - FairyTale Wedding
        • Catering - Mughal Catereres, Arora Catereres
        • Bridal outfits for each function - Reception (Sabyasaachi Mukherjee), Others (Shruti Kommineni)
        • Mehendi Vala - Noorja
        • Groom outfits from - Jade Blue
        • Invitations from - Gampa Brothers
        • Jewellery - Krsala, Tibarumals Jewellers, Totaram Jewelleres
        • Photographer -  @suman-chakri-photography#
        • MUA - Ruby Bal, Soh Touch Make up
        • Cinematographer - Marigold Productions