A Melodic Love Story Of Two Singers

A Melodic Love Story Of Two Singers

We found a marriage full of serendipities, unusual coincidences and lovely accidents. Madhumita and Haresh put the romance back into an arranged marriage, leaping into a happily ever after with a soaring heart. Being suckers for romance, we at Shopzters interviewed this bubbling couple a week into their marriage, as they giggled and gushed over the details.

Haresh, an engineer who runs a jewellery business and Madhumitha, with a masters in food quality and innovation found something in common that meant the world to them, singing. On one hand he has his own band called BMusick, and she on the other is a singer and a classical dancer.

But this was just one of the few coincidences that followed them. It began with the exchanging of horoscopes six months ago, where the families found that 9 out of the 10 factors matched, making it a good omen.

They soon began to talk and discovered that they had known each other as kid. They grew up in the same neighbourhood and attended tuition together, but never remained in touch.

She had moved away from the neighbourhood a few years ago and he had spent 7 to 8 years in a hostel. When they began texting, his first instinct was to send her a song of his, to which she replied in a song as well, thus marking the beginning of a melodic love story.

On their first function held at Padmavati Amal Cultural Centre in which the bride and groom are welcomed in the families, Madhumitha had teased Haresh about a surprise she had in store for him.

So how could the groom hold back? He decided to turn up at the event in a Royal Enfield with his friends on 6 other bikes, shocking the beautiful bride and getting her to admit her love for him.

The bride wore a stunning Sari from Hari Silks, Kanchipuram.  The bride’s make-up done by Noor left her glowing through all her functions, and the groom’s immaculate make-up throughout was done by Rudhra from R&B Salon.

The creative décor was done by Yadav, Right One Decors who is the bride’s uncle. After lighting the lamp, the couple visited the temple and got onto a chariot that took them home.

Admitting that it was one of the funniest moments of their wedding, they felt like politicians with Ray Bans on a colourful quirky chariot posing for the camera.

During a game of tug-off war that required the groom’s side to convince the bride to marry him and give in, Haresh found himself singing in order to sway her but instead she rejected him replying in a playful song. What finally won the bride over? Haresh’s niece who was too cute to be said no to.

The reception was when the sister’s bride decided to surprise the couple as they entered the hall, by performing along with the family a 20 minute western choreography.

The couple even got a gift that they now hold close to their heart, a portrait of them drawn by a cousin. Madhumitha’s outfit for the reception was a combination of a lehenga and a ghaghra, which consisted of a crop top, a golden skirt, a dupatta and an exquisite handmade belt, designed entirely by Flair Designer, Coimbatore.

Haresh’s suit was from P.N. Rao, though he was very pleased with the outfit there were some issues regarding the fitting. The décor was once again done by Right One Décor and delicious catering was by Madhobati Nagaraj.

The music for the event was by Sathya Synthesis, which received a fabulous response from the guests by playing fusion music that stood out.

As the couple got ready in opposite rooms, Haresh couldn’t help overhearing from the guests how beautiful his bride looked. His excitement knew no bounds as he asked his make-up artist to make him look half as good as her, for he could never look as good as his bride.

And when he finally laid his eyes on her when they got out of their respective rooms, he was left in awe as he whispered I love you to her.

Their reception has to be the most eventful function, with over 4000 guests attending including respected names like S. V. Balasubramaniam, the Chairman of Bannari Amman groups and Sri. Shankar Vanavarayar, the Joint correspondent of Kumaraguru College of technology.

The event caused a traffic jam outside the hall which the commissioner, who is a close friend of the father of the bride, had to resort to fixing. After an entire evening of smiling and posing for pictures, the couple decided to have dinner at 11:45, only to be greeted by 500-600 guests waiting to hear them sing a duet together.

And so they did, causing happy tears in the eyes of their in-laws and leaving the guests with goose bumps. But the family had something to give in return, a flash mob organised by the cousins.

At the wedding Madhumitha wore an elegant sari from Pachayapa Silks, Kanchipuram. The wedding was followed by Kashi Yatra, which has an historical significance, for young men and women often travelled to Kashi in order to find a perspective bride or groom.

As the groom walked from the stage to the temple with a walking stick, the bride made her princess-like entrance in a grand palanquin.

As the rituals began, Haresh found his eyes tearing up when he saw the bride’s parents cry tears of joy. Their most emotional moment was when he tied the thali around her neck, and kissed her forehead.

Followed by a memory that seems to be out of a movie, as she poured flowers on his head mist the ritual, he bent down twice since couldn’t reach him and then just picked her up the third time.

The photography for all the functions was done by the couple’s trusted @mystic-studios#. They even shot the invite video which featured the duo singing for each other, capturing the essence of their marriage.