A Regal Kongu Wedding With Exuberant Decor

A Regal Kongu Wedding With Exuberant Decor

Abinaya and Santhosh are college-mates who never met each other in college. Read on to know how they got together in this beautiful journey called marriage.

Ours is an arranged marriage says Abinaya , but the irony here is we were in the same college and in the same batch but we have never spoken to each other. We were literally in the neighboring classrooms. Little did I know that we are going to end up as husband and wife. So this was the usual arranged marriage set up where I met him in a temple and after talking to each other for a few minutes we decided to take it further. This quick decision was also because we had heard about each other through a few common friends.  They only had good things to say about him and vice versa. I was quite convinced even before I met him and the 20min conversation gave me all the more surety of my decision.  We then gave our confirmation to our parents and in no time our dates were fixed.

I had a good long eight months for shopping. Our wedding was a traditional Kongu wedding which was for three days. We had three different functions. Engagement, Muhurtham and Reception. My engagement saree was from @a-s-babu-sah# and muhurtham saree was from @prakashsilksandsarees# Both from Kanchipuram. These two stores are pretty much where my family shops for most of the weddings. For my reception I was not too convinced with the sarees in Kanchipuram so we went to Chennai and picked one from @tulsi-silks-1#. All my blouses were designed by Revathi from Ritham Designs in Erode. They have been designing my blouses for around three years and they know my taste and I love their work. Actually I don’t really have to say much about them because their work does all the talking.

All my nagas jewellery are from Big Shop, Ooty. They have the best collection in nagas. They also customize according to our likes. The antique sets were from @sumangali-jewellersshoppingretail#  This is my all time showroom. I have been their customer for a very long time. My diamond sets were one of my best picks and they were from Viswa & Devji and Kirthilals. My odiyanam was from Kanakalakshmi Diamonds in Coimbatore.

My makeup artist was @makeup-shabas#. Such an amazing talent.His makeup was flawless and so good. I highly recommend him for all the future brides. Please don’t have second thoughts Shabas is one of the best around. My mehendi was by Fathima she is from Erode.

Photography was by @mystic-studios#. The first time I saw their work was in my friend’s wedding and loved it. After that we booked them for my cousins wedding. Those pictures came out very well too. So when it came to my wedding I had no oscillations. As soon as the dates we fixed I called them and booked them. They are one awesome team and they give their best in every wedding. In fact my husband is not very comfortable in posing for pictures, but Saravan Anna made him so comfortable and he happily posed for them.

The decor team was @vivahhika#. They were my only choice. It was the same with my husband’s family too. Murali anna from Vivahikaa came home and had a detailed discussion with us. He took in all the inputs from us and in the second meeting he brought us designs according to our specifications. They were splendid. Catering was done by Madampati Nagaraj. Again they are the ones who do it for all the functions in our family.

The only beauty regime I did was a face clean-up before the wedding. Other than that it was just good rest and a heart full of happiness that worked the magic.

We have a trip planned to Europe for our honeymoon and will be leaving very soon for that. I am sure it’s going to be a great trip.