A Stunning Wedding Of A Beautiful Jewellery Designer

A Stunning Wedding Of A Beautiful Jewellery Designer

If there is a synonym for grandeur and extravaganza that would be Bhramini - Abhishek's wedding! Look at their wedding pictures and you know they are visual treat for your eyes. They both stole the show with their custom made outfits and jewellery. Bhramini is a sweet, talented girl and we are as impressed with her interesting career as much as her wedding pictures. She is a jewellery designer and a gemologist from Bangalore, studied at GIA NYC. She has her own line of jewellery which she is retailing under her name. And that is not all! She also works for theopentrunk.com as a jewellery design head. Interesting huh?? Have you ever wondered how the jewellery designers make their pieces extra special and unique for their own big day?! Let's hear it from her.

Tell us about your groom and how it happened??

My husband Abhishek is also from Bangalore. He has his own business which is construction and also Brick & Tiles. Ours was an arranged marriage; we met through our family connections. We were both nervous at the beginning but as we got to know each other over a period of time, we were really excited and we're looking forward to starting our life together.

Tell us about your wedding shopping?

My entire wedding trousseau was custom made. My mom played a major role in designing my clothes. She has always been passionate about dressing and styling people for many occasions. So the half saree for my engagement, Pellikuthuru was designed by her and a friend. For the Pellikuthuru, I wore a green half saree which I teamed up with a mustard blouse and an orange dupatta. I decided not to go with any embroidery on it because the fabric itself was rich and beautiful. 

My Mehndi outfit was designed by my good friend Anjali Sharma.

The Sangeet outfit was by Sabyasachi and My reception Lehenga was custom made by Manish Malhotra.

The wedding saree was from Tulsi Silks, the blouse and embroidery was again designed by my mom and her friend.

Tell us about your most interesting part, jewellery?

All my jewellery was made to order. Since I am a jewellery designer myself and I got it customised for each outfit.


The green half saree I mentioned before and for the jewellery, I decided to go all gold - Naksh. This is one of my favourite looks and I decided to do it for my Pellikoothru. Hair and makeup done by Zohrain.


I wore an onion pink Lehenga designed by Anjali Sharma. She teamed the Lehenga up with a lovely blouse embellished with crystals. I chose a rose cut diamond neck piece and Earrings to go with this outfit. Hair and makeup was done by Zohrain.

Pre wedding/ Lagnam :

I wore a yellow and pink Kanchi saree and teamed it up with an orange blouse. I decided to go with antique jewellery for this look. Although the designs can be considered common each jewellery piece has the best Burmese rubies, Columbian emeralds and Golconda Diamonds. Quality of jewellery is something that I would never like to compromise on. Hair and make is by Zohrain.

Photography done by @minchu# studio.


This day was something that I had always dreamt of and I wanted it to be perfect. It took me a really time to curate this look. Getting the perfect saree teaming it up with the right jewellery is always a task. My saree was from Tulsi silks. For my jewellery I decided to go with uncut. Because I wanted that Royal look on my wedding I decided to go with a mix of uncut and antique jewellery. Hair and makeup by Sandy Artistry. Photography by Lucky Malhotra & Joseph Radhik


Outfit was by Sabyasachi

Jewellery by Farah Khan Ali

Hair and makeup by Salman Raza

Photography by Lucky Malhotra


Outfit by Manish Malhotra. Since I love emeralds, I decided to do a look with only emeralds and both uncut and full cut diamonds. Hair and makeup by Zohrain.

Shoes that I wore for these events were Jimmy Choo and Christian Louboutin.

Any tips to the future brides?

For the wedding, I didn't really follow any diet or a skincare regime. Just drank lot of juice and ate at the right time. For all the soon to be brides I would like to say is that the entire journey will be stressful. Just stay calm throughout the whole process, there are always alternatives if things don't really work out your way. Always be prepared much ahead of time especially with your jewellery and outfits. Be happy and make the most of it because moments like these will never come back.

Tell us about the groom's trousseau?

My husband likes his outfits to be custom-made; he doesn't like to pick things off the rack. So his entire trousseau was custom made by Paresh Lamba.