A Telugu Wedding And Its Awe-Inspiring Grandeur.

A Telugu Wedding And Its Awe-Inspiring Grandeur.

Our beautiful bride Rudhra tells us her wedding story in a very attractive narration. Read on to know how her fairytale unwinded.

"Prasanna and I met at a dinner party and we instantly felt very comfortable with each other. The moment I met him something kept saying that maybe he was the one. I guess he felt the same too. Our entire conversation started with me mocking him for wearing a pink shirt being a guy!

A week later, Prasanna messaged me on Facebook asking if we can still discuss the topic over a cup of coffee.

Coffee dates were soon followed by biryani dates. Incessant dates, dog walks, drives and the local food. Between those starry eyes, that moustache and a plate of hot mutton biriyani, love found us. 

Three months later, we finally admitted to each other that we like each other and Prasanna asked me to marry him! I had butterflies in my stomach! It was the single most exhilarating moment!

And then came kabali, our first child. We fell in love with each other all over again with the arrival of this adorable pupper.

4 years later, Prasanna told me his parents are coming over to my house and I started hyperventilating because I hadn't even picked out a dress to wear and looked so unkempt! But all he said was, 'it was about time'.

The Engagement-
We had only a two-day window to plan it all. And if it wasn’t for @bamboo-events# and my dear friend Vidhya we wouldn’t have made the engagement a grand event. My wardrobe credits go to @malibooclothing#! Being a designer myself I could not decide anything for myself. I decided to settle down for something simple and understated!

It was held at my house in Rukmani Nagar. 

The Pooja- 
This was one event where I had time to click pics with my adorable little dogs. It was heart touching as I knew I was no longer going to stay with them after I am married. I spent only half an hour to pick up my wedding sarees as I'm not a big fan of shopping for hours and hours. Out of the 20 sarees I saw, I draped around 5 and I picked up 3 sarees out of the 5 different colours from @tulsi-silks-1#. Time spent was around 45 mins. 

I got all the accessories from Mint street from a couple of tiny shops. 

Lehanga was custom made from @malibooclothing# again. It was a big challenge especially when I had to make my own outfit but got an opportunity to understand a bride even better.

My MUA was Danam from Vurve. Photography was by @the-memory-writers#, who were a young team of enthusiastic photographers. Catering was by Madampatty Rangaraj. Decor was by The Minds Eye. Jewellery was by Challani jewellers and Durga diamonds. Invitations were done by The Art Brew - Avanti.