A Tirupur Wedding With All The Glitz & Glamour

A Tirupur Wedding With All The Glitz & Glamour

Marriage is not just about two people who pledge to spend their lives together but also about the people and beautiful moments that take place during the course of time. Our beautiful bride Priya talks about what made her wedding so special. Getting married has been one of the special moment of her life. We Indians have always been ardent fans of “Big Fat weddings” and Priya’s wedding was no less. Priya is here to share her exciting journey.

It was a beautiful Arranged marriage set up. Preparations for wedding started a month before. The moment you decide to get married, you know you have signed up for a lot many things. From Beautiful and glowing skin to that “Perfect Wedding Dress” I wanted it all. And like any bride would say “The struggle was real yet wonderful”.  From using sandalwood powder and rose water  for my face and body to drinking healthy fruit juices and shakes to keep my skin healthy and glowing. I did it all to be the star of all my functions. 

My Mehndi and sangeet function was more of a get together where everyone met each other. My mehndi artist was a person from Tirupur who was not only good at her work but highly patient. “Utsav Decorations” were the decorators for sangeet function while people from “Artefact” took charge of engagement decorations. We added a fun element to our celebrations by organizing “Mannequin Challenge” which was the funniest thing to happen that day and everybody will remember it for long, as photography @studio-31-by-pranesh-photography#jeev and @jeevan-photography#an left no stone unturned to capture these memories and also there was a 3D station.

Our story started when my in- laws came to see me at my home in Tirupur in the month of July. I fell in love with his family first and later with him .

Our Engagement was on July 15. One day event which took 12 days to prepare and plan everything for it.  4th December was my “Big Day” and this might sound crazy but I did most of my shopping in one single day from Kanchipuram. Antique gold jewellery was done by my dad’s friend. The wedding makeup was done by Mr. Ansari, Tirupur reception makeup was done by @makeup-shabas# and Chennai reception makeup was done by @make-up-ibrahim#.

For sarees we simply went to @a-s-babu-sah# as it has been a tradition for our family to buy saree from them no matter what family function it is.

We planned to have receptions both at Tirupur and Chennai. At Chennai, I chose to wear a lehenga and jewellery by “PGP Diamond” .

Wedding day undoubtedly is a day when your emotions are up for a “Roller coaster ride” and since I am the only girl  child for the entire family, this moment was way more emotional for me.

It is a must to know your other half better than you know yourself so we decided to spend our 15 adventurous honeymoon days at New Zealand and Bali and gathered memories that we will cherish forever. 

We believe, wedding is a very significant day in a person’s life and also the beginning of their official relationship which continues to flourish with promises of love and togetherness.