Behind - The - Scenes Of A Typical South - Indian Arranged Wedding!!

Behind - The - Scenes Of A Typical South - Indian Arranged Wedding!!

Hi,I am Sunandha and Gokul my husband works for an IT company in The United States. Ours is a proper arranged marriage. We came to know each other through a matrimony site. It was through our parents we met. It started off with the usual process which is the horoscope matching, after which my dad gave my number to Gokul. He then sent me a message and that's how we got talking. We first decided to get to know each other and then decide if we should take it to the next big step. The first conversation was very special not only because it was the first but also because he called me the first time on my birthday at 12 in the night and wished me. That was our very first conversation. Yes it started off with a celebration. Eventually we started falling for each other but never confessed it. After three weeks of talking to each other, we had a small break.  It was when I went for a trip and it so happened that place had no network. After a three day trip I was back to Chennai and that when I got a message from him saying he missed me terribly and he just couldn’t wait for the three days to pass. This was our moment of realization. Only after this we spoke to our parents and told them we have decided to get married. Both our parents were super cool as they gave us enough time and never pushed us to make a decision. I must thank them for that. So it was like everything started to fall in place after that. Soon we were engaged and in no time our wedding day had arrived.

The time gap between our engagement and wedding was hardly two months. Inspite of that, it was very easy for me to plan my wedding only because I had been following Shopzters for a very long time. Shopzters gave me an insight about wedding planning and helped me chose the best according to my tastes and preferences. Thanks to Jaishree for helping through this.

The first thing I did after my wedding dates were fixed was to call @siraj-khan-photo#. I have seen his work before and loved it. I was very lucky to get his dates. His photography is too good. We also had a beautiful pre-weddding outdoor shoot with him. The next step was to find a mandap. Our wedding happened in EVP Rajeshwari Hall. Catering was by Bhuvaneshwar Caterers. We know them personally and they are very good at what they do. People were really impressed by their food.

My muhurtham saree was from @kumaran-silks# and the rest of my sarees were a split between @a-s-babu-sah# and @prakashsilksandsarees#. My reception lehanga was from @mokshaa#. This store is simply the best, you can completely trust them and go for it. My first choice was Mokshaa .I personally love this place and I have been to this store many times before.  I went there and immediately found what I wanted.

All my blouses were by @sruthi-kannath# .One of the best find for my wedding. I got to know her through Jayashree from Shopzters. Shruthi is just fabulous. She is extremely friendly and so understanding. She is also so comfortable to work with. She always gives us more than what we expect. Initially when we were designing the blouse I was so not sure of how it will be but the end result was just mind blowing. My mom was so impressed by her work that she got her blouses from Shruthi too.

My make up was by @bridal-studio-noor# and team. After a lot of discussions I finally decided to go with Noor. I have seen his work before in a friend’s wedding and liked it. So I knew what to expect and was quite happy with the result. His team did a very good job. My gold jewellery for muhurtham was from GRT and Prince Jewellery and the other hair accessories were from Swarnaprabhu, Mylapore. I found out about this place also only through Shopzters. For my reception I got a set from Charminar in Hyderabad. They have these lovely Mughal Style collections there. The entire décor for the wedding were taken care by the in house decorators of EVP hall.

There were a lot of good moments in my wedding but one of the best and a very emotional moment was when he tied the knot. My wedding was the most awaited wedding in my family and my friends circle. It was the last wedding in my family and since I am the baby sister for everyone this moment got everyone to tear up. Almost everyone around me was in tears and I was the only one smiling. I was too excited to cry. Even today when they look at pictures they pull my leg saying couldn’t you shed at least a teeny drop of tear? This moment is very close to my heart.

As for my beauty regime I did facials at regular intervals and drank a lot of fruit juices, coconut water and ate a lot of fruits.

Our honeymoon was a trip to Bali which was on my bucket list. We did a lot of water sports and a romantic dinner in the cruise and also booked a beautiful resort to relax.