A Very Emotional Wedding Of Two Happy Love Birds

A Very Emotional Wedding Of Two Happy Love Birds

For Kiruthika and Vignesh who had three months after the engagement to plan for their wedding, it was all smiles and happy tears. Let’s hear it from Kiruthika who talks to Shopzters about her happy moments.

Since we did not have much time for the engagement, we had to go on a hurry. Whereas with the wedding we had time and I wanted to go for a destination wedding. This place called Kadambavanam towards Madurai was my option since they have been one of the best scenic spots in South India. This resort is a heritage place and all my expectations were fulfilled.

Since we were hunting for sarees in the month of Aadi there were very less collections. Hence, my go to option was @a-s-babu-sah# in Kanchipuram. Sarees for my reception were from Varsidhi, Bangalore.Vignesh’s outfits were from @manyavar#, Bangalore.

Most of my jewellery were from Ganesh jewellery, Karur. They paid a lot of attention to all my queries and helped a lot in finding my choice. Their antique collections are great. They frequently called and kept me posted about the new collections and I must admit that their services were very satisfying.

My makeup was by Samantha Jagan from @wink-unisex-salon#. I must thank her for making me look flawless and beautiful. My mehendi was done by a person from Toni and Guy.

Photography was done by @ifotos-photography#. Needless to say, these guys are brilliant. Be it a simple moment or something very big they don’t miss a thing and make sure they capture it in such a beautiful manner.

Décors were taken over by Sampradaya. They incorporated a peacock theme which was very pretty.The reception took place in the lawn in the evening with so much fun and frolic amidst the DJs, Cocktail parties and stuff.

One of the most funniest of moments was that when I was getting ready, Vignesh and my sister were doing a couple shoot outside. Many people thought that they were the real couple. My sister was dressed up in a simple fashion and so everyone was asking her to go get ready. They acted like they were the real couple until I came out of the makeup room. It was very funny and cute all at the same time.

One very emotional moment I would like to share is that, I was completely normal before getting on to the stage. Once I got there, I got reminded of my dad and that was pretty overwhelming. I cried so badly and everyone around were too busy consoling me. Vignesh was making fun of me and asked the photographers to capture that moment too. But he kept telling me that my dad is always with us, sending you blessings all the way.

Also, there was one more such event. My husband shushed me not to tell this to anybody. In the heat of the moment, it was his sister who tied the thaali for me. And hence I was pulling his leg by telling that I’ve been lawfully wedded to his sister and not to him.

We have planned for a Honeymoon towards Europe in the month of October.

I used a lot of fruit masks and face packs from L’oreal for the process of de-tanning. I was pretty occupied since I was managing my business and the wedding work simultaneously. I would request all the to-be-weds who are working to use face masks to protect your skins whenever you find time.