A Wedding Story Of A Couple Who Were Definitely

A Wedding Story Of A Couple Who Were Definitely "Meant To Be"

I am Harini and I work as a HR and Ramanan my better half is a Software Engineer in Verizon. Ours is a love and arranged marriage. Mix of both worlds. It happened like a DREAM. We got to know each other through a mutual friend last October. I was really nervous about meeting him in person for the first time, hardly did I realize that this was the first step to our journey together. In the beginning we said no to each other. The reason being both our parents were on a look out for a groom / bride for quite some time and so I decided not to hook up with anyone. Actually we didn’t respond anything at our first so called social meet. Later in the same week I got a call from him saying let's meet for dinner and there the MAGIC happened. And I said yes. The day I met him was October 16, 2016. I loved the way he expressed his thoughts towards me. The one thing I remember him asking was me when was my birthday I said April 4 and he was like OMG mine is April 3. Blush!!Our families played very important role. Most importantly my brother. He was the one who convinced my parents. After the difference in the beginning they final came to terms and we are now happily married.

They then started planning for the" Uruthi  varthai "  which was on April  9,2017 .Soon they fixed the dates for our Engagement and then our wedding and happened on June 26th 2017.  

“Wedding” – the word sounded easy only until I completely got into it.But trust me, you have to multitask (like CPU :p) , and decide everything prior to make your dream wedding come true. Shopping, that’s where I needed a lot of assistance and I just went through every corner of the SHOPZTERS blog which helped me a lot. I would call it as the BLUE PRINT of shopping because they have got everything you need all at one place and the right place.

 Let's see how the event happened,

We had Engagement ceremony on April 9, 2017 in Sakthi Hotels Pollachi and our wedding and reception happened on June 25th and 26th.  It was a two day event that was held in Minnal Mahal Mandapam, Pollachi.


For our engagement Ram and I wore outfits from Blackberry @psr# respectively. My Jewellery was from Kirtilals and @joy-allukas# Coimbatore.Got my Reception outfit from @kay-the-fashion-bay# Chennai and his suit from Blackberry from Chennai.

Wedding sarees were purchased from @palam-silks# Chennai and @psr# Coimbatore. I wore a pink with green and blue shade saree from PSR. I was very specific about not wearing the usual red/ Orange saree. I was looking for some unique colors and I found this. My sarees were appreciated by everyone and I should thank my love for helping me to pick the best.

My blouses were designed by Vichitra and @mantra-the-design-studioclothing# Coimbatore. Vichitra Sakthi anna did amazing job for my wedding blouse and got lot many appreciations and enquiries about it. They came out with extraordinary designs. 

Makeup : Makeup artist prabhu from @bridal-studio-noor# , believe  me he has done wonderful job. He has some magic in his hands and u can seriously trust him on that. My skin is quite sensitive and I had no rashes or after effects. Thank you once again Noor Anna, Prabhu Anna and Sathya Anna who did my hairstyle. Chitra did my makeup for urudhi varithai.

For good party wedges I was recommended Mochi, Brookfields , it has wonderful collection.

I rented my hair accessories from Priya's, Gandhipuram Coimbatore They have wonderful collections which matches the jewellery we wear.

We had plate decorations and return thambulam from Sai decorators, Coimbatore. I had never seen such decorations so far. They had a lovely theme in it.

Bangles : I'm fond of Silk thread jewellery so decided to wear it on my big day and my aunt designed all my bangles.

Mehendi was done by my friend they are very reasonable and have very intricate designs 

Photography 1 was done by @qahaniwallas# , who has done wonderful job, got so much appreciation from everyone. Avishek Gupta and Shamik both are working in IT and towards photography and they are awesome. They did my pre-wedding and reception and wedding.

Photography 2 was done by Aalayam Photography these guys did good job for my urudhi and wedding.

Backdrop : Chandran Pollachi 

Catering: From Minnal mahal, he is our family friend,  they have catered for most of our family and relatives so we were very confident in giving the major responsibility. We got good feedback from everyone and we were very happy about it.

Health Regime :I always believe in the Concept of being fit and worked out regularly and that continued for wedding preparation too. I took a lot of fluids and for skin, I took my daily dose of serum and sunblock. I didn’t do any facials or beauty packs specifically for wedding.

Here is a tip :Make sure three things are right on your big day – Attire, be sure what you want to wear; Makeup, make an appointment earlier and do get your trail make up done and my advice to all the To-Be-Weds is to not stress! Go to the Spa, relax and spend a lot of time with your family. Enjoy the days before your wedding and finally the biggest thing is to have a smile on your face!