A Wedding That Stood By The Saying True Love And Destiny Can Never Be Outridden

A Wedding That Stood By The Saying True Love And Destiny Can Never Be Outridden


How we know each other:

The two of us went to same school but never met in school. But destiny played it's role when we ended up in same University in a different country after 6 years!! We became really good friends from our first encounter itself. Especially for me, he's been a great friend, guide and mentor for my career too.

First Meeting:

Our first meeting was in a kayak! We were a bunch of friends who went out for kayaking one weekend and decided that in each kayak there would be a girl and a boy. And guess what!, both of us ended up one kayak. That was a great moment - we introduced each other, spoke a lot about our hometowns (we both belonged to same region) and eventually about our past education. That's when we got to know that we both went to same school! We remembered so many things about our school, teachers and everything associated with it.

How it happened:
Though we were in same college in USA, it was his last semester and my first one. We did not really have much time. It was time for him to leave the school and that;s when he proposed me for marriage. My initial response was a NO! Not because I did not like him but I was afraid that my family would never agree for something like this (we both belonged to different communities). In fact it was one sided then! I knew him as a good friend and a guide in all my ways. I cannot actually remember that day when it all started for me. 
One day I let my grandma (who's another mother God gifted me with! I was raised by my grandma from a very age) know about the proposal. I wasn't expecting any positive response from her. But just let her know about it! Surprisingly, he responded in a positive way. She said - "It is all common these days, I have seen many marriages happening like that, and if the people who want to get married are confident enough then it should be supported." That was really shocking for me. She also promised that she would talk to my dad about this. After couple of discussions and meeting Ashish's parents, my dad also accepted the proposal.

Without my grandma's support, this would never have happened!

Now both of us are successful software engineers, doing well for ourselves and very happy about our decision.

Wedding Planning:
We did not really have enough time for the planning. Also both Ashish and I being in USA, we couldn't make ourselves involved in the arrangements entirely. It was only two weeks before wedding we flied to India and did all the shopping! Luckily my family helped figuring out good places for clothes and jewelry before I came to India.

Photo and Video:
@golden-shutter# - Harsha and his team did a good job!