An Alluring Love Story That Sprouted Between Two College Batch-mates

An Alluring Love Story That Sprouted Between Two College Batch-mates

Varshini our gorgeous bride tells us her beautiful love story, a kind of a story that most of us can connect with. Read on to know what makes it so.

Prem and have known each other for 7years. We got introduced to each other during our 2nd year of college but Facebook did all the work for us. It was the time when Orkut was so boring and I jumped over to FB.

I was in a college where a girl and guy talking to each other was a crime (I know most colleges these days have this rule and yup I was caught up in one such college) but yes that doesn't mean we girls and guys never spoke to each other. We do all the chatting gossiping bla bla bla on the Facebook. Prem was one such friend of mine on Facebook who belonged to the EEE department and I was in the IT department. We did too much chatting on FB then exchanged numbers then became closer friends. Though we were close we never established that in college because we were just a bunch of weirdos in college.

He eventually expressed his crush for me probably a year after that but then me being a weirdo again never took that serious or let me reframe it - I was soooo immature to handle a proposal then. But that never stopped our chatting. In fact, this only got me excited. And this went to the next level when we got placed in the same firm (yeah, he got into IT as well Engineering la edu padichalum kedaisila IT thana) And from there it all changed between us (in a positive way) All this while we chatted as friends now we started seeing each other. We were always stuck to each other in office. Anyone who could spot me at office could obviously spot out Prem by my side (the teasing always happened around us and we enjoyed that) and slowly in a month he proposed. Although I was sure of it I still wanted to play the filmy heroine who won't accept a proposal any soon.

At a point of time he had to move to Hyderabad for he had got a better job role there. It was only after he moved to Hyderabad I felt like a major part of me was missing. And as months passed by I eventually said YES (yeah that took quite a while) 

Then comes the serious part. It took another year and half to convince our parents. He kept traveling every weekend from Hyderabad to Chennai to convince both our parents which turned out to be a success. Then came a twist again. He had to travel to US this time (yeah Job again) So we had a quick get together in Residency Towers and the date of marriage to be decided later and the Groom left onshore.

Then the wedding date was finalized to 4th June 2017. I almost had 8months for wedding and that was an ample time (I thought it was but it just vanished). The first thing I did was book @zero-gravity#. Yeah like every girl I was a fan of them too and that was best decision I ever made next to choosing the groom.

I always wanted to get married in Rani Meiyamai Mandapam,Egmore, and so I did(yeah the next thing we did was blocking the mandap)

I was enjoying my bride-to-be moments. I was happily chatting and FaceTiming with Prem round the clock. There was Shopzters which was like a guide for picking up all vendors. Be it the blouse designs or hiring a DJ for the event , Oh it made it so easy for me to plan out my wedding ️

I purchased my sarees in kanchivaram @a-s-babu-sah#.  I bought 3 heavy sarees. A bluish green with thick pink border for my nalangu and Red saree with chariot motifs all over it and tissue saree with floral designs for my muhurtham. When It came to my muhurtham  saree I had it decided since I was a child that it is definitely gonna be RED so I was focusing over red saree a bit extra. I had my red saree's blouse worked with real tanjore stones from my aunt's friend who did such a beautiful work replicating a jewel design with tanjore stones on my blouse. And I must say the dory she gave for all my blouses needs a special appreciation.

I wanted my lehenga to be unique, colorful and sparkling. Again, picked from Shopzters I contacted @mabyo# fashions and they did a great job on my lehenga. She chose contrast colors that would suit my complexion and had it decorated with solitaire stones and pearls (yeah that was really heavy almost 6 kilos) Prem got his suit for Reception in US and his muhutham dress was purchased in @a-s-babu-sah# as well.

I had my gold and diamond jewellery shopped in Elite, @lalithaa-jewellery-martjewelrywatches# and @malabar-gold-and-diamonds#. 

My mom being super active designed my sister's lehenga, helped me with making enhancements to my lehenga and took care of the wedding decorations. Be it from purchasing the return gifts to the name board for reception she did it all by herself.

My makeup yet another best thing I did. I blocked @beauty-begins-by-leimi#. She gave an airbrush make up for wedding and HD for reception which was so cool. I was always scared of wearing a makeup and this one was so good and looked completely natural.

Catering was done by sindhoor and they did a decent job.

We had our Nalangu event planned 3days before wedding in Ramada Egmore which will  always be special to me because we had ample time to click pictures together and I'm photo addict that is why.

My wedding went super cool. It never felt like wedding. When everyone were expecting tears and drama Prem and I were giggling and laughing when he tied the knot I still love that moment. And me being a photo addict always kept posing.

DJ services were by DJ Zen which was amazing. My entire reception was transformed into Dance party. We planned for a dance entry to my reception and Prem a guy who would never attempt dancing agreed upon the idea by just looking at the excitement on my face (Oh that’s why I luv him). I always wanted my reception to be fun but it proved to be way beyond my expectations. It was all because of the overwhelming and amazing family and friends I've got, for I would always say my wedding was the best day of my life where I enjoyed the most. And I should definitely thank my sister who was practicing dance for several weeks with her friends to have everything organized for the DJ. This is why a bride always needs a sister.

Then comes the honeymooning part. When you get married to your best friend who is equally crazy as you are you will definitely decide to go on an adventurous trip for your honeymoon. Yes, we did too. On all the surfing and enquiring we did we decided to travel to 'Reunion island' for honeymoon. We spent our honeymoon doing paragliding, canyoning, traveling over the volcanoes on a helicopter, yeah that was super fun. And that completes my wish list. A happy wedding and an amazing honeymoon destination.