Bride of the month - February'14!

Bride of the month - February'14!

“My active participation in my wedding planning couldn’t have been possible without the online resources: Pinterest, Facebook and of course Shopzters. With details on the latest trends and references to where one could go to find these, Shopzters always kept me up to date. The tips and tricks along with blog articles from other brides helped me prepare for my big day.” This complement coming from a beautiful and chirpy bride, residing in the US, has in fact infused in us the spirit to help the brides-to-be in all possible ways. Extremely happy to feature Dipti Mahendran as the bride of the month!
Every girl would want “the best” for her wedding and I was no different. However since I was away from home, I couldn't be part of every detail of my wedding planning. However this is how I enjoyed my wedding planning and it couldn't have been better :) After returning to US from our short trip home for our engagement, we announced our wedding date by hosting a “Save the Date” party for our friends.

We put together a spread of homemade desserts with some personalized decorations. It did take a lot of our time putting it together, but at the end of the day it was a great celebration with our friends, many of who couldn't physically make it for our wedding.

Next thing on our agenda was our engagement photo-shoot. We divided our shoot into two sessions. First was just a formal setting and the second was more colorful with a twilight picnic set up. Mason jar candles, cupcakes, guitar….all added to a great setting. Now came the real deal, we had to send out invitations.

My husband came forward with the thought of composing a jingle and then we put our pictures together to send out a video invite. It was something very close to our heart and a became a great memory to cherish.While we were rejoicing in our own way, our families were busy with the preparations. We tried the concept of remote shopping work where I would stay awake all night, while they roam stores saree shopping. They used to send me pictures and that was all the choice I got. With Whatsapp and Skype helping us, I cant deny that I drove them crazy :p

My Silk saree hunting was between Kanchipuram and Tnagar. While the collections in @a-s-babu-sah#( Kanchipuram) ended up to be disappointing,  Varamahalakshmi had better collection. However the reception saree I had pictured in my mind, came to life at Palam Silks. SaiLimras designed my blouses. I had emailed them some of my suggestions and designs I liked.  I was so delighted that they were all incorporated so well.  Each and every one of my blouses was unique in pattern, design and material.

Samantha Jagan, the celebrity make up artist from Page3 Luxury salon did my reception make up. I loved the way she had highlighted my features. We had so many guests attend the event that I didn't get a break for any make up touch up. In spite of having no ac/ air cooler or even a fan, I looked fresh and I couldn't have thanked her enough! Mrs. Vidhya and her team did my pre-bridal services and traditional make up for nalangu and muhurtham.  “Wedding Flower Jadai” did my customized flowers for the hair.

Our candid photographer was Gayatri Nair from @weddings-by-gayatri# and @foton# did my regular photography. We found Gayatri after 3 months of hunting and we couldn’t have asked for anything else. I loved her attention to details, enthusiasm and promptness in corresponding with us. She had captured great moments of both our families and us.  We had our post-wedding photo-shoot at Mahabalipuram and she clicked some amazing pictures for us.

Mehandi - Mrs.Vidhya & her team Jewelry - antique collection from NAC & Nalli jewelers Caterer - Gayatri catering, Chennai Decor - Mr.Rajendiran & team from Vijayshree Mahal,Anna nagar,Chennai Meeting so many people I had thoroughly enjoyed my wedding. My family had been my biggest support throughout the process. My friends had advised me to be prepared for any mishap and stay calm. With that thought I went to get married and guess what nothing could have been more perfect.

Here are my quick tips for brides-to-be: 1) Make sure you have a saree bag for each event with your blouse, bindi, bangles and all that you need for that event. This helps so that you don’t miss out on any accessory. 2) If possible, wash your hair after each hairstyle. This way your hair sets better for the next event. 3) Stay calm and remember to smile. If you wake up on your wedding day with a pimple…It's ok! That’s why we have cosmetics ;) 4) Even if it’s just a weekend, travel out for a break. Many of my friends believe they should do a honeymoon later due to lack of vacation at work. But trust me, the sooner you take this break, the better you feel.