Bride of the month - March'14!

Bride of the month - March'14!

Hello Shopzters! I am extremely happy to feature the bride of the month, Pavithra, who is incidentally the daughter of the owner of Sri Anbu Bhavan Hotels and Caterers, Gobichettipalayam. My hometown is also Gobichettipalayam and as I write this post, I have become nostalgic and memories about those fun filled days come crowding up! I also fondly remember the many trips I have made to  Sri Anbu Bhavan Hotel to taste their sumptuous food.

 Hi friends! I am happy to share a few vivid moments from my wedding. Before that, let me introduce myself. I am Pavithra, I hail from a typical Kounder family in Kongu region. I graduated and worked in the fashion industry in Chennai. And my handsome Groom’s name is Yogesh, who works in Singapore.

 As a usual tradition, we first met in a temple and the very same day everything was fixed including our wedding dates. As there was just three months to go, I had to quit my job, and went back to my hometown, then the whole shopping thing started, Anyone who had worked with me or knew me on a personal level will tell you I'm quite the control freak. I have a hard time delegating responsibility and an even harder time forcing myself to quit stressing about the things I can't control, like what the stage decor will be like, whether I will be able to get my preferred color of wedding saree and lot more.

Seriously, folks, the questions rolled through my mind were both nonstop and ridiculous, adding to my stress level. But at the end slowly everything fell in to place as I made the list of best vendors for each detailing separately, and for that I must thank my best shopaholic buddies and website like Shopzters for making the entire event preparation hassle free and as days got closer to the wedding, I was of no stress rather full of excitement about the BIG DAY.

Each bride has a different favorite moment in their wedding. When I think of my wedding, I remember crying at the wedding, even now I don’t understand why, but there were a lot of emotions that made me shed some tears (Well, that's not exactly the favourite part though) The best part of my wedding is the gathering of all my best buddies at my home town for the entire wedding week, very few could not make it but most of the besties had made for the wedding. Rarely, will you ever get such a group together in one place to simply celebrate and have fun. It's something I treasure.

Wedding Shopping: We began with saree shopping in Coimbatore, as I mentioned earlier I had all the vendor and shop details in hand, we did check many places and at last ended up in PSR Silks Coimbatore, and all my wedding event saree was from PSR.

Jewels: I was more particular about the type and quality of my jewels as I wanted them to be fashion forward, so I chose the big old retailers i.e., D A R Jewellers, Coimbatore and most of them were custom made from Palani Murugan Jewellery, Karur.  The fashion jewels were from Divas Fashion Jewelry, Coimbatore and matching bangles were from Anya designer studio.

Designer: @anya-where-tradition-meets-fashionclothing#, Coimbatore had designed all my wedding event blouses. As I didn't want the last minute rush, I chose Anya, who had the best record of on-time delivery and the same time they had very classic designs of blouses which were inspirational.

Make-up and mehandi: My Bridal make-up and mehandi was done by Uma’s Parlour, Erode. They are very good at saree draping, hair accessories, flowers and of course the makeup.

Photographers: My wedding was not a one day event, it was a four full day’s event and so I was forced to book two different photographers to cover the whole events. It was @arun-titan-studio# and @dilip-kumar-photography#, both of them were equally good in their own way and I loved their work.

Caterers: Last but definetly not the least; it was one of the best parts in my wedding. The caterers were none other than my Dad’s own Sri Anbu Bhavan Hotels and Caterers, Gobichettipalayam. We all know how hectic it is for the Bride’s Dad to take up something like this on his daughters wedding, but as it being the last wedding from our side he wanted to make the best, and he actually stood for it,the food part was so amazing  that people were all praises.

For all the Brides-to-be: Select your beauty package with care! Anything with immediate remedy is not good. It can lead up to your skin or weight loss, take time and do it gradually, and only then you will have a better result. Don’t stress yourself; wrap up things atleast a week before the big day and avoid roaming in the sunlight and take enough rest. With all the planning for the big day, please don’t forget to enjoy and treasure those precious moments, the big day will be absolutely fantastic. All the best :)