Bride of the month - May'14!

Bride of the month - May'14!

An accomplished dancer, this spirited young lady with an artistic touch has skillfully chalked out her wedding plan and the result is here for you guys to see! Happy to feature Janani Suresh as the bride of the month :)

Hello. I am Janani Suresh from Coimbatore. A lot of things have happened over the last one year; shopping, planning, designing and family get-togethers, every bit of which I will cherish for the rest of my life. I am very thrilled to share my wedding story with you all.

I first met Abhinav Ram at the PSG Tech campus. He was my class-mate in college and we soon became good friends. That's how it all started. It has been almost 6 years since I have known him. We have had loads of fun studying together and going out.

In Brahmin weddings, we have a lot of events happening over a period of two days. It gives us the joy of wearing a number of sarees. I bought most of my sarees from Tharakaram, Coimbatore. My muhurtham sarees were custom-made - thanks to Radhika aunty. A few sarees for other functions from Mahaveers. I was very specific about not wearing too much jewellery. I like it simple and neat. For my Jewellery, I shopped at Kirtilals, Joy alukas and Amarapalli.

My tailor is Malvi. She owns a shop called Chicara. She makes excellent designer blouses. Every blouse of hers is unique. She even worked on my reception saree. I got my Sangeeth Ghagra stitched in Ramleela style at Smrithi's. My Mehendi artist was Ajeb from Coimbatore. She did a good job. Everyone enjoyed her intricate design.

The decorator for my wedding was La'kiru, a Wedding lounge from Bangalore. Lakshmi Keerthi is an extremely talented fashion and wedding designer. Everyone appreciated her interior work. She exceeded our expectations in terms of the timely delivery and overall appeal. Our wedding was at Codissia E hall. We had an engagement stage decorated with marigolds, a grand reception stage and a muhurtham stage made of all natural materials along with salangai and bells. She had decorated the pathway and Jula very beautifully.

We had a different entry concept for Janavasam. Since theme of the wedding was Ramayana, Lakshmi had made a beautiful balcony-like stage with staircase for me (like Sita) and a bow (Dhanush) for Abhinav to break. We also had some nice commentary which was both traditional and modern.

The caterer was Ronak from Bombay. He took special interest in our marriage. In that he brought along 100 people plus all the presentable materials all the way from Bombay. He was a complete professional in managing such huge crowds with ease. Food was unique, very tasty and satisfying.

The make-up and hairdo was done by Geetha and Kalpana. They were very accommodative even during the crunch time. They understood my taste perfectly. The photography and videography was done by @cwp#. They rocked as always! We also had loads of fun preparing for the pre-wedding shoot with new ideas. Even though it was a jam-packed day, we managed to take a whole gamut of photos.

We had the best fun at our Sangeeth. It was called 'Gala at Mithila'. We had a lot of well rehearsed dances and a play depicting our story. We also had games in between the dances which got both the families together. There was a professional who did the MC. We also created a page on facebook called "A glass of our wedding, Cheers" a month before the wedding to post pictures, videos and feeds so that all friends and family could get together and have some fun.

My engagement happened 10 months before the wedding and hence I have a lot of memories about the preparations. Some of them are worth remembering. Designing the wedding invite which was done at my father's press for instance took almost 6 months. It was fun preparing minute plans and holding meetings with our extended family and employees of my father's company for helping out in execution of events. Me and my mother spent a lot of quality time together planning and buying unique gifts for everyone. I was really lucky that I could spend a lot of time on every minute detail relating to the wedding.

We went to Bali for our honeymoon. We stayed at Viceroy, Ubud. It was completely organised by Abhinav. It was a total surprise for me.