A beautiful wedding story of a Bharatanatyam dancer!

A beautiful wedding story of a Bharatanatyam dancer!

A lavish and exuberant wedding, an ever smiling bride and a charming groom, what more do the assembled want to make an event into a most exciting celebration of them all! This cheery couple with all their charm and charisma made the guests and friends go ooh la la!!! Proud to present to you the bride who commands beauty and elegance so loftily. https://vimeo.com/133219952 Hello, I'm Sowjanya from Chennai. I've completed my Architecture from Anna University, Chennai.

I am also a Bharathanatiyam dancer. I am very passionate about the art form and have been pursuing it for 16 years!

Ours was an arranged marriage. We met for the first time on August 31 2014. By the end of that day, we realized we had so much in common. We went to the same college and so did our dads and our dads share the same name too!

There was some connection from day 1. We asked our parents to give us some time to decide and get to know each other. By God's grace everything fell in place and our engagement was fixed for November 27. We had a 7 month gap before our wedding, this is when we became really close and spent the best times together!

The best thing about him is that he makes everyone around him happy. His presence just lights up the place and there is so much positive energy. It's magical! The happy days got happier after our wedding!

My engagement saree was purchased from Tulsi Silks. They have the best collections of sarees in Chennai and the way they take care of their customers is over whelming! The blouse was done by Preeti Vaishali, Hyderabad. Her work is very intricate and detailed. I loved what she did on my engagement blouse so, decided to go with her for my wedding blouse as well!

The diamond set worn on my engagement day was purchased from Malabar Gold and Diamonds, Chennai. Their collections especially in the diamond section are just amazing!

The lehenga I wore for my engagement was also purchased from Hyderabad, a combination of peach and white with peal floral work on it.

We had a Nalangu function at home with close family and friends as per traditional Telugu wedding ritual. The saree for the occasion was also purchased from Tulsi Silks.

My anarkali for the Sangeeth was designed by @mrunalini-rao#, Hyderabad. Her work on the black yolk of the anarkali was beautiful, and it was tailored to perfection!

My wedding saree was purchased from Pythani. A traditional yellow Pythani saree with a contrasting red blouse designed by Preeti Vaishali. She did a great job as usual! I got my pradhanam saree from Tulsi Silks too.

The jewellery I wore for the wedding is my mother's collection, mostly purchased from Vummudi Bangaru Jewellers, Chennai. Their unique designs are impeccable!

Finally the reception dress, I went with a full gown designed by Vijay Rana, Hyderabad. He has eloquence in his work! He mostly works with earth colours and Kalamkaris. His work on my white dress was appreciated by all.

I have a lot to share about Amar Ramesh (@studio-a#) and his team but I will keep it short. I have always been an admirer of his pictures and I am so fortunate that we got them to do all our events. The care the team takes is overwhelming.

They just don't take pictures but build relationships, which is one beautiful quality about them. They give us their maximum to make our memories so special. They are a team of skilled photographers with great ideas! I have always seen that their pictures tell a story in each frame.

Right from picture composition, editing, album design, picture layout there's so much eloquence in their work. Amar and his team are so passionate in what they do and added a special spark in all our events. I am so grateful to the team..!!

My makeover for all the events was by Samantha Jagan of Page 3.

She gave me a new look for every event and she's the best in handling brides. Undoubtedly one of the best makeup artists in Chennai! She gives you the best look that will suit you and she's great with hair do as well!

My mehendi artist was Neela from Chennai as well. She is very professional and her designs are intricate too.

he stage decor was done by Pandian decorators, who are well known for his quality of work and dedication. He is a person who totally believes in job satisfaction.

Catering - Gnanambika catering, cheers to their outstanding quality of food.

Sangeeth choreography was by Spring Boots. Special thanks to Prabu sir and Sharma for taking extra care. 

For the Brides

  1. A month before the wedding, I hit the parlour for a couple of facials.
  2. The Oryza spa at Chennai has the best of bridal packages and they have exclusive facials for brides.
  3. I hit the gym for Zumba everyday which really helped in keeping me fit and my skin intact.
  4. Drinking a lot of water everyday cleanses the skin as well.
  5. I tried a few face packs at home, oat meal, curd, tomato. These kept my skin hydrated.

Well, all this is just secondary, as you will be glowing with excitement and happiness, so that will automatically show on your face. So keep away from all the tension. It's time to relax and enjoy every moment to the fullest!

Everyone wants a perfect wedding, but I'm sure each wedding will turn out to be a celebration in spite of all the confusions and imperfections.

Vinay and I would like to thank everyone who was involved in our wedding and all those who worked behind the scenes to make our day so special. Cheers to our awesome cousins, friends and family for making all the events a celebration!

Stay awesome and happy; it's your turn to enjoy the limelight!

Hope the above information was useful to you beautiful brides :) Thank you Shopzters for giving the opportunity to share my wedding story!