Building Their Life Together - Love Story Of An Engineer & An Architect

Building Their Life Together - Love Story Of An Engineer & An Architect

They say a consultant team is as strong as it's weakest link, therefore it's very important that a CIVIL ENGINEER & an ARCHITECT to have a strong  "Relationship".

Hi! I'm Deepti an Architect and my best half's name is Abhishek who is a Civil Engineer. Together we started a construction firm 'AnD Constructions '.

We had an arranged love marriage and our families were introduced to each other by a family friend. I wasnt ready to be married at that point since I wanted to be professionally independent, before taking the big step. I had decided to say a no to the proposal, no matter what came my way. Believe it or not but getting lost on a drive changed everything for me!

It was raining that night and I lost my way while picking my mother up from his house . I called her up to get proper directions to his place, only to find myself lost again , so they decided to send Abhishek to pick me up from where I was.I was parked outside a garage,when he found me.We ended up talking  for awhile in the car before we headed back to his place. That was it, things flipped upside down from then. One conversation changed everything for me , we connected on so many levels, he was like an invigorating breeze that swept me off my feet .That moment I realised , this was the man I want to be with for the rest of my life. A complete no nonsense kind of person, who spoke his heart out and carried so much confidence. A simple yet a beautiful soul, who wears his heart on his sleeve. He made me believe that things do happen for a reason after all..  

The wedding took place in Bangalore @ SBR Palace.The entire wedding was beautifully captured and shot by @lightbucket-productions#.

And yeah the Makeup was done by none other than the woman with magical fingers , a midas touch that can transform every bride into a fairytale princess  - @makeup-by-vejetha-anand#

The wedding shopping part was the most fun part ,with little bit of panic attacks which is bound to happen in every wedding scenario. I got most of my wedding outfits customised by Needle Eye boutique, including mine and my husband's Muhurtham outfit.Most of my jewellery  I got it customised from NS jewels, Bangalore and Navrathan jewellers.


   @tulsi-silks-1#, Chennai( highly recommended for all kind of sarees ) 

   @kanakavalli# , Chennai

   @prakashsilksandsarees# ,Kanchipuram.


   Got a saree lehenga customised from Needle Eye,Bangalore. They did a brilliant job.

   Saree for the lehenga - Angadi silks ,Bangalore


    Skirt- Amit Talwar Design studio , Delhi        

    Crop Top- My all time saviour  Needle Eye boutique, Bangalore

For our honeymoon we chose Koh Samui, we booked a beautiful pool villa in a beachside resort called SALA Samui, a perfect honeymoon getaway, with picturesque beaches and landscapes.