Celebrity Wedding of Saranya Mohan & Aravind Krishnan

Celebrity Wedding of Saranya Mohan & Aravind Krishnan

The sweetest of the celebrities, Saranya Mohan who came into the industry as a child artist, who grew and stepped into Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu and Hindi cinema, who never fails to pull our hearts with each of her performances,  is a newly married woman now!  We got an opportunity to converse with her wonderful husband who is as sweet as Saranya! She always gave us the sweet girl next door vibe and it was truly gratifying to know from her husband that she is really that chirpy girl we know. Her interest in arts and academics in another admirable quality about her. She loves Bharathanatiyam and wants to start a school for the art form. She is also pursuing her M.A. in English Literature. Such simplicity and the grounded character of hers is what make us love her more. Her husband Dr. Aravind Krishnan is equally a genuine soul!  A Dental surgeon and a Lecturer with his experiences in event management and also a biker, took his time to give us the various details of the wedding.

How did you both meet?

We met through a mutual friend of ours Indrajith Ramesh. We belonged to a riders group named Ghostryderz. It has been seven years since we became friends.  

How did the friendship evolve? 

We have always been friends. Our parents were looking for a bride/groom for us respectively. That’s when I asked her if she’d like to marry me. She told me to talk to her parents and I did. They were happy and when the kundalis (horoscope) matched, our engagement was fixed for July 12th and the wedding for September 6th.  

How did the shopping and planning the other details of the wedding go?

Sarees: She had happened to be in Chennai Silks in Trichy 6 months before the wedding.There she had seen a saree that she loved and wanted it to be her wedding saree even before any of those things happened. So her wedding saree shopping was pretty much over by then and the pre-wedding saree and mehendi saree were from Seemati, Alappuzha.  The groom side sarees were from Jayalakshmi, Trivandrum, a very famous and sought after place in Kerala. The traditional Kerala style sarees (Kasavu sarees) were from Karalkada, Trivandrum. Karalkada is famous for its finest silk. In fact, my silk shirt and mundu was also from there.  Jewellery: All the jewels were from Bhima Gold, Alappuzha. She is a huge admirer of their jewellery and has been purchasing from them for a long time!.  Makeup: She did her own makeup as she wanted it to be simple and according to her taste. My hair was taken care by Vinu from L’oreal Fair Professional Studio, Kannamoola, Trivandrum.  Pre wedding sessions: She had done some preparation at Women’s Innovations, Alappuzha.  Photographers: Arun from Imageo and JiJo John.  Decorators: Our wedding was held at a temple, where decorators had built a stage and made a sort of mandapam. We had around 3000 guests for the wedding followed by a reception.  Honeymoon: We went to Chittar and had a nice relaxing time at the Anantya Resorts.  

How did Saranya maintain her health and beauty for the wedding?

She usually leans towards the ayurvedic methods and she did the same for the wedding too.  

Would she continue her career in acting? 

She quit acting a while back now. Though I asked her to continue if that’s what she wants, she is done with it! But she likes to sing! May be she’ll give that a try!