The Celebrity Wedding Story Of Sun Music VJ Diya & Karthik

The Celebrity Wedding Story Of Sun Music VJ Diya & Karthik

The flavour of destiny you get in happenstance meetings are out of this world! You feel something ordinary had happened, when life was giving you extraordinary memories. You meet people, talk to them, get to know them, make friends with them, without any expectations, and when you find that special person amongst them, my oh my! Doesn’t that make the best story for a ‘meet cute’!? Something similar happened to our very own Sun Music VJ Diya. She met Karthick co-incidentally, but when she got to know him, she knew, she had found love! This is nothing but a sneak peek at the amazing story that is their love and marriage. Read on folks! You can read their engagement story here.  

Karthik and I met on my birthday, around two years back when he walked through the door to surprise me along with our mutual friends. We began to talk and slowly our friendship blossomed into love. His family was looking for a girl and were planning to get him married, however somewhere between this and that, we decided we should tie the knot. So we got our families to meet each other and they instantly agreed, without any hesitations. Soon after the engagement in April, we had our pre-wedding shoot in Chennai by Deepak Vijay who are so much fun to shoot with. There were over five to six costume changes and we experimented with many themes including a beach shoot and an outdoor lawn shoot. I owe my clothes for the shoot to my sister, Dheepthi Kapil who always does a brilliant job and understands me the best. 

The Make-up for the shoots was by Manikam, who I always work with and am very comfortable around and the hair was by Pandy, again a favourite. The stylist for the shoot was Nitin who is a regular for me during my shoots at work and always picks the best for me. Soon after, Karthik left for Singapore as he works there and also is the captain of the indoor cricket team. But returned for the pre-wedding reception that took place on 15th June, themed Indo-western with a palace like set-up which was very grand. The entire interior decoration was taken care by @flora-wedding-planners# and I couldn’t be more grateful, they were the best and gave us everything we expected. The costumes were by my sister once again, who picked most of my outfits for the functions. My make-up was by Jhansi who is a regular at my shoots and knows what looks good on me. The jewellery was by Priyas in Coimbatore who had a great collection and a lot of options to choose from.

We had four photographers who were present through all the functions, @deepak-vijay# photography for their brilliant candids and @coconut-wedding-cinemas# for their candid videography and traditional photography which they are famous for. The other two photographers @studio-vaibhava#d and @iswarya-photos# were absolutely great, despite being booked last moment they did some brilliant work. Our traditional Tamil wedding took place on 16th June and I wore pattu sarees which I got from Kanchipuram, styled by my sister. My jewellery was a mix but the one I wore was from Malabar. The make-up was done by celebrity artist @bronzer-bridal-makeup-artist# for both my husband and I, she also got me some of the jewellery. The mandapam was once again the courtesy of Flora wedding planers who just blew our minds away with their gorgeous work. This day had to be the most emotional one, my mom and sister started crying when my husband tied the Thali and I was afraid I was going to as well, I tried to hold my tears in and be strong.

Post the wedding, we had a house party for all our closest friends and family, which was everything we needed to unwind and have fun after the hectic wedding. The fun photography for the day was done by Ishwarya photos. The wedding reception was held on 19th June at Jenny’s club in Coimbatore, whose chairman is a good friend and agreed to let us have the function there, they were very co-operative and friendly. The theme for this event was entirely English and Flora made a huge effort in making this day perfect, despite the rain that threatened us and made us move the event indoors, and then back outdoors because it stopped before the event began. The reception was eventually held outdoors in the lawn and the climate got so good after the rain. The make-up for the reception was by Maria beauty parlour which is pretty well known in Coimbatore. I had two costume changes, one was a beautiful lehenga designed by Morni Dress shop from Chennai and another an elegant peach gown by my sister. My husband’s suit was from P N Rao and he looked absolutely dashing, they did a fantastic job. We also had a delicious and lovely cake from K R S Bakery, R S Puram to sweeten the occasion. This particular event was a lot of fun as I had all my celebrity friends who came over. We danced throughout, we even had a dance troop called Souguys Dance Company come in from Madurai who did a brilliant flash mob making the day memorable.