Celebrity Wedding - G.V.Prakash & Saindhavi

Celebrity Wedding - G.V.Prakash & Saindhavi

One of the most loved and cutest couples in recent times, leading music director G.V.Prakashand playback singer Saindhavi got married recently.  We, at Shopzters are indeed proud and honoured to feature their wedding story which is woven into a montage interfaced with beautiful images in the inaugural edition of our website.

‘Forever is a long time. But I wouldn’t mind spending it by your side’.  This is indeed the true essence of the long standing twelve year old relationship between the music composer and the sweet and charming playback singer.

Having met in the school music band when they were in their 10th and 8th standards respectively, the friendship blossomed into love and thus was born a beautiful relationship which has culminated in marriage.  Married for six months now, Saindhavi shares her wedding story – her wedding trousseau shopping, the entire wedding planning, her ecstatic and sentimental moments and of course her bonding with G.V.Prakash which grew year after year.  

You mentioned that both of you met in the school music band. How did you keep your relationship alive after school?

G.V. Prakash quit school after 11th and went onto do a diploma in Sound Engineering. Later of course as every knows, he worked as assistant music director and slowly, but steadily made his mark as a music director in the Tamil film industry. I pursued my undergraduate course in Sociology and then a Masters in Psychology. I am currently pursuing a Masters in music. Both of us were extremely busy in our chosen career and though we lived in the same city, we rarely met or went out and even if we did, it was only with friends. Our only means of connecting with each other was through phone.  After a few years, our parents came to know of it.

What was your parents’ reaction?

Initially, they were hesitant. They presumed that being in the same field would bring about ego clashes and hence tried to dissuade us in going ahead. Also, they were apprehensive about the practical difficulties that we would have to face after the wedding. But, we were strong and eventually, they relented and here we are, as man and wife, happily married!

A wedding in general needs a lot of planning. Yours, being a celebrity wedding, would have required a lot more effort and planning. How did you manage to go about it?

We started planning every possible aspect of the wedding, 6 months in advance! Since both of us come from different communities, we had a mixture of both the customs. Our friends and relatives helped us in organizing the entire wedding, particularly in managing the guests list.  A couple of our school friends took care of our teachers and other school friends. Similarly, we had friends from different groups catering to the needs of their respective groups. Thus, we saw to it that nobody felt ignored. We created a logo (PS) for the wedding, which was worn by all the volunteers in the wedding hall. NikkilMurugan, PRO, coordinated the entire wedding.  

Can you share the details about your wedding trousseau as well as the other vendor details?

Designer:  My entire wedding wardrobe was customized according to our taste. My personal wedding stylist was AnuVardhan, who is known for her aesthetic designing skills in films like Billa. Every aspect of my wedding trousseau and styling was taken care of by her. Sarees:  We ordered my muhurtham saree from Sundari Silks. We purchased some sarees from Tulsi Silks also and even travelled to Kanchipuram for the same. Jewellery:  Most of my wedding jewellery was made to order from stores like VBJ, Prince Jewellery and Utharika Jewellers. Makeup and Hair-do:  Rachel took care of the hair-do for both me and my sister-in-law. Make up was done by Raju, who has worked with most of the stars in the Tamil movie industry. Photo and Video:  The entire wedding was covered by G.K.Medias and we had Rakesh Prakash and Ashok Arsh, for the candid shots.  Decorator:  We chose to have Radha& Krishna theme for the wedding, right from invitations and backdrop to thamboolam bags, which was taken care of by decorator Pandian. The thamboolam was cute and different. It was a box of sweets (in the form of vethalai, paakku, thengai, pazham) made to order by Sri Krishna Sweets. Catering:  The sumptuous food was served by Saraswathy Caterers, who did a great job of serving around 5000 people. A separate buffet was set up for sweets alone, by Sri Krishna Sweets. There were 52 varieties of sweets, each weighing less than 10 grams, so that people can taste as many sweets as possible. Entertainment:  Shashank Subramaniam and Rakesh Chaurasia, the renowned flautists, performed a jugalbandi, much to the delight of the audience. My guru Mr. K.N. Sashikiran organized this concert for the reception. We were specific about treating everyone the same and hence we made sure that we had the invitations, the food and thamboolam bags, common for everyone.  

What is the most memorable moment in your wedding?

Well, on the day of the wedding, G.V. presented to me a huge bouquet of roses, a box of chocolates and a beautiful card with a lovely message and swept me off my feet! And of course, tying the knot is the most unforgettable moment in anyone’s life and it’s the same for me as well. All along, I used to wonder why brides and their mothers cry during that auspicious moment but I really cannot explain why my mom and I cried profusely. 

What aspects of Indian wedding do you like the most?

I love everything about Indian weddings. They are so colorful and full of fun and celebration. It is the time for all the friends and relatives to bond together. Also, every ritual and custom has significance. I made sure that I enjoyed every moment of my wedding. So,

where did you go for your honeymoon?

We went to Australia for our honeymoon. It was a 10 day trip. We went around a lot of places but the best thing about the trip was the hot air balloon ride.  

I must thank Saindhavi for the wonderful interaction we had. Warm and unassuming as she is, she very sweetly shared all the details with us. We, from Shopzters wish this wonderful couple many more years of togetherness, love and happiness!