Harshini And Prabhu - The Tomboy and Mr. Cool!

Harshini And Prabhu - The Tomboy and Mr. Cool!

Opposites attract. We learnt this little science factoid in school. But it isn’t until we meet our significant other do we realize the magnitude of truth behind it. Opposites Attract. Isn’t that nifty? We are always concerned about finding spots for spots, and stripes for stripes type of groups to belong to that we sometimes we forget to change our tune when we look for Mr. /Mrs. Right.

But here’s a couple, who met each other through their parents, who recognize it instinctively. The bride, Harshini Rayar, is a crazy tomboy from Mumbai and the groom, Prabhu Mohan, is a cool, calm and composed guy from Bangalore. They’re both HR professionals. And sparks flew when these two met each other.

Harshini, a perfectionist by nature, knows what she wants and with the help of family members pulls of her wedding just like she dreamt it. The wedding itself took place in Bangalore but in a Telugu fashion

The bride wore gorgeous lehengas from Roopkala, Mumbai. And knowing what colour she wanted made it easy while shopping. For the reception, she wore a stone embellished beige lehenga and adorned it with kundan jewellery.

Her sarees were from Prasiddhi Silks, Bangalore and blouses were stitched by Jeni's Tailors, Mumbai, and she bought her jewellery from Kalyan Jewellers, Malabar Gold & Diamond and Krishnaiah Chetty.

For the groom welcoming function, Harshini opted for a pink Kanjeevaram silk saree with simple gold jewellery and a simple hairstyle.

For the Muhurtham, she wore a yellow Kanjeevaram saree with some work done on the blouse. Being a simple person, simplicity and elegance was incorporated in her wedding attire.

The jewellery for the groom welcoming ceremony was kept simple, but for the Muhurtham, Harshini opted for traditional temple jewellery from Krishnaiah Chetty.

The wedding was planned by her parents and in-laws, and they did not use a wedding planner. Harshini’s mother in law was super involved and made it a great success.

Her makeup was done by Vejetha Anand, Swank Salon, who did a fabulous job.

Harshini stopped eating junk and oily food, a month before the wedding. She ate a lot of fruits and went for a face clean-up twice a month. Fresh Aloe Vera and lemon juice works wonders on the skin. 

She had a lot of fun during the photoshoot with her friends who were by her side the entire time.

Here’s Harshini’s tips for the bride— Make sure your best friend or your sister gives you water or juice at regular intervals during the ceremony.  Their photographers were Kirti Nair, Nithya Lakshmi and Vivekanandan Parivallal