Nisha and Ganesh Venkataraman's Stunner Celebrity Wedding Story!

Nisha and Ganesh Venkataraman's Stunner Celebrity Wedding Story!

An awesome follow-up on the ‘Love Straight Out Of A Movie Set’! Or should we just say, only this time, it is so real that it’s making a gazillion people believe in True Love again!! Get those cameras rolling! We’ve got the ‘Stunner Star Couple’ Ganesh and Nisha’s Wedding Story right here!! Getting hold of the busy couple was quite the task. But it was lovely that the gorgeous and talented, Nisha Krishnan, could make time to quickly share with us some highlights from her beautiful ‘Prince and Princess’ theme wedding with her Prince Charming Mr. Ganesh Venkatraman. No Kidding! This is probably what ‘Fairy Tales’ with ‘Based On A True Story’ label would sound like!

Could you fill us in with details of the Proposal and how you knew ‘This Was It’?

Well, to make a long story short, Ganesh and I were real good friends. At one point, we knew we liked each other but neither of us managed to say it out loud. Until one day, it so happened that Ganesh and I had met for lunch we had a long talk over some good food. On our way back Ganesh suggested we could stop by a church. With all the Christmas vibe, it would be nice. So I agreed. Inside the church, when I was questioning God about many things that I was feeling, Ganesh turned around to give the exact answers for the questions I had asked God in my heart. It turned out into a beautiful proposal and all I could manage was to cry. Right then I had opened to read the Bible and found something that was close to ‘This is your moment, begin your life, start it from here on’. Following this was the Church Mass and what the priest spoke was as if it was just for us, about new things and new relationships.I instantly knew this person is the ‘One’ for me. I think after that, being already spiritually inclined people, we both grew to believe in God more than ever.

*We got goose bumps even listening to Nisha narrate this*

So fill us in on the build to the Wedding! Let’s start off with the Invites!

Right from our engagement to the wedding, we kept seeing surprises and God’s kindness. Our engagement was a very private gathering, a beautiful time with family! When we started figuring out how to get our invites done, we knew we wanted to make some personalized invites for our friends with our pictures. Ganesh was particular about using our Pre-Wedding Shoot pictures on the invites. While we were still looking out for people to help, Ganesh remembered that he had received a well-designed invite from Ahalya, the owner of Kanakavalli Store. He contacted her immediately and she mentioned that their in-house designers had designed that invite and was happy to help us with ours. Thanks to Sujay and Sai, our invites came out well! While deciding on the Traditional Invites, we were in a mall discussing about those and just then ran into the owner of Marvel Cards. He was very happy to see us and invited us to his shop to check out the invites. We did go and finalized an Invite that both Ganesh and I liked. It was a traditional and impressive ‘Red Velvet and Gold’ one.

What about that amazing Pre-Wedding Shoot that you had? We felt so glad to have it featured on our Blog. Our brides loved it!

Oh! Yes! We had an amazing Pre-Wedding Shoot! Mr. Ramanathan of Nathan Photography had come across this beautiful church near Bangalore. One unique thing about that church is that, it can be seen only for 3 months in a year and for the rest of the year it is submerged under water. It was those three months when the church can be seen when the idea came up and we agreed for the Pre-Wedding Shoot. Mr. Ramanathan wanted a medieval ‘Prince and Princess’ concept and thought Ganesh and I would be a perfect fit. Rachel was our stylist. She has worked with some of the well known Celebrities like Kangana Ranaut and many more. Mr.Ramanathan’s wife Hema had suggested Rachel and had also organized the whole shoot beautifully. The pictures and the video came out so perfect!

How did all the Wedding Shopping session for sarees go? Must have been so much fun, right?

It was fun! Actually we had enough and more time between the engagement and the wedding. But to be honest, I had just 3 days’ time for shopping. And in that, it took me only like one and a half hours at RMKV to select all my wedding sarees. I had planned it already in such a way that I knew exactly what I wanted for my Viratham, Oonjal and Muhurtham etc. For my Muhurtham, I particularly wanted Yellow and Green combination Saree. And I found one in Chennai Silks. My blouses for the Sarees were done by the talented Stylist Shruthi Sai, who owns ‘The Dress Shop’ in Adyar. The Muhurtham blouse had a beautifully done intricate maanga-shaped work on the sleeves.

Can you tell us about that beautiful and stunningly gorgeous Gown you wore for the Reception?

The Gown for the reception is what took some time to come into existence. It took almost 6 to 7 months for us to finalize on the Gown! I looked at around 300 gowns and none of them seemed to fit in to the idea of what I wanted. Then Ganesh suggested we go back to Rachel, who designed my ‘pre-wedding shoot’ outfit. And I’m so glad we went back to her. I chipped in a few ideas of how I wanted it to be. We went through a bunch of designs together. Our Reception was ‘Prince and Princess’ themed. So I wanted the Gown to go with the theme. I preferred a Red dress because Ganesh always sings ‘Lady in Red’ to me. Rachel had suggested three gown designs and finally one won! The stones on the dress were all Swarovski, with beautifully embossed flowers. The fabrics used for the gown were all from different countries. Right at the end of the gown was a gorgeous ‘V’ shaped flower-hem, ‘V’ denoting Venkatraman of course.

How did Ganesh’s wedding attire planning go?

Sujith had designed for Ganesh. Ganesh wanted it really classy. He actually waited for me to decide on my wedding reception gown color so that he could match his outfit with mine. He had a Tuxedo in mind with a maroon-red Cummerbund and that’s what he got himself. The rest of his outfits were from ‘HIS Collections’ by Abhay, who was really kind and helpful.

About your Jewellery Shopping, were you able to manage it within those 3 days?

It wasn’t much of a pressure when it came to Jewellery Shopping. Ganesh had gifted me Diamonds from Kalyan Jewellers. The other Jewellery, I bought every now and then from many places. I bought my Nethichutti from Bangalore and few other friends who travel a lot helped me. At this juncture, I have to mention something. The whole Wedding planning was mostly done with the help of my friends. We had created a WhatsApp group with just my closest friends who are not in media. These friends are the main reason I knew what I wanted every time I went for a wedding shopping session! They give me pointers on things; most of them just grabbed things for the wedding if they found anything that I would need from wherever they are! This greatly helped me throughout!

Who did your Mehendi and Make-Up? You look as dazzling as always with extra ‘Bridal Glow’ in all the pictures! 

Mehendi was done by person was from the North. Ganesh’s parents had organized that part. I loved it! Make-up was done by Manikkam and Saravanan for the Muhurtham and Rachel did it for the Reception. They all had done such a good job. It was great to have them!

Can you give us details on Wedding Venue, Reception Venue, Decors and Photography?

So our Wedding was at the ISCON Temple. It was lovely. Our Reception was at Radisson Blu. For decors, one of our friends Suresh suggested Monica who turned out to be my college mate! Such a small world! Monica did a wonderful job. We even had our own ‘Ganesh and Nisha Logo’ in the backdrop. It was amazing! Photography was by Focuz Studios. They are a bunch of good people. Just love the team for their awesome work!

Now, we have some more fun questions. Tell us about some funny moments you’ll always remember from the Wedding?

I think we had the most hilarious Kashi Yatra custom. Usually, when the brides’ dad stops the groom from leaving, the groom comes back. Except at our wedding, Ganesh kept insisting on leaving for so long, trying to bug the people around. So when I showed up, I wanted to play along and told him to leave. The entire crowd was laughing at us. It’s one of the fun memories I’ll always remember. The Maalai Changing was very easy for me because Ganesh was pretty tall and heavy so they couldn’t manage to carry him. When we had the ‘Paalum Pazhamum’ custom, casually Ganesh kept saying ‘Cheers’ with the glasses. The entire family was laughing so hard! Another hilarious session of laughing I had was when Ganesh was giving some running commentary, like they do for bowlers, when the elderly ladies were throwing rice balls at us during ‘Unjal’ ceremony. With all this fun sessions, Muhurtham got delayed. I didn’t have enough time to get ready and to top it all, they draped my saree the wrong way! And to top it all, Ganesh refused to wear Panjakatcham. Then the vathiyaar had to go with him and make him wear it! It was so funny!!

What was the most emotional moment for you at the Wedding?

Honestly, I didn’t want to get emotional till the Wedding. But Ganesh did it again! He  surprised me with a stunning Flash-Mob performance that I never expected! At the reception, we were supposed to exchange rings. But his friend who was supposed to get our rings cancelled at the last minute. So Ganesh showed up with a spare ring he had managed to find, by then his friend surprised both him and me by giving a grand surprise entrance!I usually know Ganesh’s whereabouts, but this time with the rains and me being busy with a few Bangalore trips, gave him time to plan that Flash-Mob surprise! Everything was so perfect that I couldn’t be more thankful to get married to a gem of a person like Ganesh. And my happy tears were proving it!

We should have made this the first question. But all of us have only seen a Hero Ganesh Venkatraman. How is he as a  person?

Ganesh is a sweet, down to earth and romantic person! Ganesh was a topper in Academics and his Principal would’ve have literally fainted if he had seen the top-notch dance performance for the Flash-Mob! I think all of Ganesh’s friends were surprised that Ganesh had a romantic side to him! I’d say, true Love and Time can work wonders!