Pumpkin Shells, Sun-Glasses, Selfies and Smiles –Wedding Stories From Real Brides!

Pumpkin Shells, Sun-Glasses, Selfies and Smiles –Wedding Stories From Real Brides!

Kick starting new beginnings with beautiful wedding stories is what we at Shopzters love doing. What caught our eye to get to Surya about her story? A fun selfie that had her and her groom posing off. Fun customs that involved pumpkin shells, sun-glasses and happy smiles! Hear from Surya, the lovely bride who managed to put together a lovely wedding with just the right things, the way she dreamed of them to be.

Hi, this is Surya Praba and this is my wedding story, with Vijayaraj (Vj). Wedding is a perfect blend of love and happiness. Our wedding was arranged by our parents after we met at a temple and gave the go signal. Our engagement was held at the Sowdamman Mahal, PunjaiPuliampatti on the 20th of May.

My engagement saree was a hand-woven Kanchivaram, shopped at Sri Devi Textiles and the changing saree from VJ's family was also a Kanchivaram but from Nalli Silks, Coimbatore. Both the shops had a beautiful collections and they did confuse me on what to go for.

The jewels were shopped at VBJ, Chennai and @sumangali-jewellersshoppingretail#, Coimbatore. I must say that I didn't have the heart to come out of the jewellery shops after seeing their antique collection. 

Decoration was done by Balaji Decors, Coimbatore, while the food was taken care of by Best and Best Catering, Tirupur.

As I only had three months at my disposal for all my shopping, it really was tough.

The wedding invitations were picked from Lotus Cards, Coimbatore. They offered a wide variety and also the choice of customizing the cards. The Manager, Mr.Anand was really patient in helping us customize our very own card.As my dad is a manufacturer of soft silk sarees and being a supplier to @mahaveers-the-silk-peopleclothing# in Coimbatore, I chose Mahaveers for my wedding sarees.

They are very unique in their style and design and they are always a step ahead in creating a blend of tradition and trend. All my salwars and other sarees were also from @mahaveers-the-silk-peopleclothing#.

Keeping up with our tradition, the muhurtham saree was a yellow cotton one, which I got from PSR Sarees, Coimbatore. Another highlight was that my uncle had specially woven a soft silk saree for my Thaimama Seer. The saree has an image of Vj and me.

The Muhurtham was on the 26th of August and it was held at the Sowdamman Temple, Punjai Puliampatti which is deeply connected to our ancestral family. We chose a traditional manavarai for our muhurtham which was done by Vaigai decors from Kangeyam. The work done by them was excellent and economical.

I wanted really professional and special looks for my wedding day. I chose Angels Parlor from Erode. Karthika aunty and her team made me look prettier than ever. Jaya aunty of Mitras, Coimbatore did extraordinary work on my blouse designs. In fact, she took extra effort and did her best for me.

I picked my Anarkalis from @shresht-coimbatoreclothing#, Coimbatore.

Our Reception was on the 27th of August and it was held at Senthur Mahal, Avinashi. I was draped in a Kanchivaram for the reception which was from Mahaveers.

The photography was stunningly done, the moments and the rituals were captured beautifully. Conventional Photography was by Sathya Studios, Punjai Puliampatti and the Candid Photography was by Mr. Sabari of @priyavision#, Coimbatore.

Everyone at the wedding and reception were served a tummy full of love by Madhampatti Nagaraj, Coimbatore, who is well known for preparing sumptuous food.

My brother wanted VJ and me to be photographed at Hampi for our post-wedding shoot. @priyavision#'s Sabari did capture Hampi in all its beauty. To say that the pictures were amazing would be an understatement.

Thank you Shopzters for this wonderful opportunity of letting me pen down my wedding memories.