The 2 states wedding story of Suchitra & Abhinav!

The 2 states wedding story of Suchitra & Abhinav!

Hello everyone! Today, we have two different things. First, the story is told by the mother of the bride, instead of the bride itself. Second, it is a bit like 2 states, the bride is from south-India and the groom is from Assam! Read on to find out more about this inter-state marriage.

First of all when my daughters wedding date was fixed I discovered the site Shopzters and found it very very exciting. It had given me the entire idea of how a wedding should take place and how to plan for the same. I should say the wedding was the talk of the town and I should first thank Shopzters for this!
 Now on to the story; Suchitra (my daughter) met Abhinav in Bangalore where she was pursuing her engineering degree in 2007. They fell in love and decided they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together around 2009. Suchitra is from a typical Palaghat Iyer family and Abhinavis Assamese. That said, they were both afraid of what their parents might say when they disclosed the news. In 2010, Suchitra finally told me about Abhinav. After some retaliation by both families, we accepted their love and fixed her engagement in June 2012. However, it proved to be a long wait for their wedding as Suchitra proceeded to pursue her MBA.

Finally, the D-day was fixed on 9th November of 2014. All were eagerly awaiting the south-east wedding and it was the talk of all family members on both sides.

The wedding preparations started. Both families agreed on a typical south-Indian wedding. One small tradition from Assam known as “Jhorun” was done where the Assamese family would decorate the bride and take her into their fold.  The venue for the wedding was Pootnima Convention Hall in Jayanagar, Bangalore. The hall came with all conveniences.

 Next, with regard to shopping, the sarees were purchased at Sundari Silks, Tulsi Silks, Pothys, Meena Bazaar and some other places for each occasion. The Sangeet lehenga was purchased from Leela Galleria. The diamond jewellery was purchased from C. Krishniah Chetty & Sons and the traditional jewellery was purchased from Thanga Maligai. We had the accessory jewellery designed by Creative Gems & Jewellery located in commercial street, Bangalore. Every bride should visit this place, they had done a wonderful job in customising all the artificial jewellery of the bride. All bangles were customised from Laad Bazaar charminar Hyderabad. The shoes were handpicked from Colaba Mumbai and ALDO stores.

The highlight was the reception gown which was designed and customised for the bride by Madam Bina of Maria Rosa Bangalore (a great designer). All the blouses of the bride were designed by her and each one of the persons who attended did not forget to enquire about the designer of the gown and the blouses. The groom’s suits were designed by Sony Tailors Bangalore.

The bride started her beauty regime 1 month prior to the wedding. She went for regular facials, body polishing, hair spa etc and was on normal diet which compulsorily included milk and fruits every day. I was a working mother and was unable to take on the wedding planning by myself.

I hired Meeta and Pooja, wedding planners from “Circle the date (08095000678).” They did a wonderful job; they took charge of everything including photography, mehendi and makeup. Their execution was neat and chic and received praise from everyone.

The main appreciation went to the caterer, Sri. V Sunderajan of Kamakshi Caterers (09844020500), who had handled the entire catering for the wedding. Everyone still keeps talking of the wonderful food served at the wedding, especially for the reception, which included North, South, CHinese, Italian cuisine.

The Jhorun and sangeet were the highlight of the wedding which involved close relatives and friends. All family members performed. The Assamese contingent performed the traditional Bihu dance. The bride and the groom also danced and professional dancers were also hired to pep up the mood. There were live counters for chat/ juice etc.

The boy’s mother wore the traditional 9 yards saree which really showed their goodness and co-operation. In the same manner, when I went to the grand reception hosted by the groom’s family at Gauhati, I wore the traditional Mekala Chadhar. The bride and the groom also wore the traditional Assamese costumes before the Haven. It was a unique blend of the south-east cultures, a wedding to remember and cherish. By planning a little ahead and being systematic every wedding can become a dream wedding.