For The Love Of Sarees! - The Beautiful Traditional Wedding Of Gayathri And Dinesh

For The Love Of Sarees! - The Beautiful Traditional Wedding Of Gayathri And Dinesh

Bride Gayathri  simply stumped everyone with her mesmerizing collection of sarees during her wedding. Intrigued by her choices, we spoke to her to know more about how she chose such varied and vibrant colours! Here’s what she got to say about her wedding shopping!

Firstly, thank you SHOPZTERS – ‘MY GENIE IN A BOTTLE’ for feeding me with loads of information at ease when I was clueless about wedding shopping (perks of being the eldest one in the whole family :P). All I did was going through the site and update myself about the latest trends. I would advise others who are in the same situation as mime to do the same. 

“Wedding” – all this while, the word sounded so easy till I was fully into it! But trust me, you have to multitask (like CPU :p) , and decide everything prior to make your dream wedding come true. Shopping-  that’s where I needed a lot of assistance and I just went through every corner of the SHOPZTERS blog which helped me a lot. I would call it as the BLUE PRINT of shopping because they have got everything you need to find at the right place.

I planned to be traditional on my big day and saree was my choice. I am always fond of dark colours and I wanted all my sarees to be unique. Kanchipuram, the silk house of South India was perfect to satisfy my love for sarees and I was astonished by their huge varieties in terms of design.  My sarees were appreciated by everyone and I should thank my love Dinesh for helping me to pick the best.

My Uruthivarthai saree is from Kanakavalli silk sarees Coimbatore. I choose a vibrant orange colour with a thick gold border so that it could highlight the jewellery. I totally loved the motif on the saree. The pleated puff sleeve work on the blouse done by Pebbles Coimbatore went along too good with the saree.

Silver thread work on the saree is always fascinating and never out of trend. Pink saree all the way from Varamahalakshmi , Kanchipuram with floral designs along with silver work was my favourite.  I wanted the blouse to stand out and it was the yellow colour that came to my mind. The yellow blouse with floral pattern on it along with the silver highlights done by Mantra Designer Studio, stood out and was obviously the talk of the wedding! On the whole, the look of the saree was enriched and the idea worked well.

Red being my favourite colour, I wanted a red saree to have a place in my wedding. I choose a half and half saree that had a mix of pink and red from Babushah, Kanchipuram. I wanted a stone work on the blouse and Sathya ka from Mantra designed the blouse beautifully with the peacock motif on the blouse.

The day before marriage for the Nalangu, I wore a green saree with purple border. This saree did attract me with its thick lotus motif and it was perfect for the afternoon look. The manga malai which I wore along with the saree gave it a perfect look. I must mention about the blouse, the high neck blouse with lotus and parrot work was eye catching. The creepers in the blouse was jaw dropping.

Finally let me come to the golden and yellow saree which I wore for reception and muhurtham respectively. Our reception was in the evening and the golden saree looked perfect for the occasion. The saree had multicolour work on it and the design was so delicate  that no one will ever dislike it.


The diamond jewellery with its sparkle along with the golden backdrop of the saree made me fall in love with it all over again. Mantra gave me an idea to go with double colour blouse and the output was without a doubt fantastic.


I chose yellow that comes along with all the good things in life, for my muhurtham. I must say the colour looked so good with its pink border. The yellow saree and pattu shirt of his gelled so well and the smile on our faces was the best combo, I must say! 


Here is a tip

Make sure three things are right on your big day – Attire, be sure what you want to wear; Makeup, make an appointment earlier and do get your trail make up done;  and finally the biggest thing is to have a smile on your face!