The Bride’s Journey From Her Family To A Family Of Her Own!

The Bride’s Journey From Her Family To A Family Of Her Own!

There are times when we meet a person, someone we have never met before, have a conversation with them, and come out of the experience with genuine happiness. Our day gets better because of our meeting with a truly nice and genuine person. Such was our talk with our Bride, Anu Kriti. A packet full of energy, this bride and her wedding (read love!) story brought a huge smile in our faces and we want to bring that smile to yours!

Hello, this is Anu Kriti from Tirupur! I am very happy to share my Story with all of you! My journey from meeting Tamil to being is wife was been the best time of my life and I am blessed to have him in my life. She says when we ask her about how she was feeling.

The chemistry and the rapport they shared on the photographs seemed so good, we wanted to know about how they met, and we could literally feel the emotion going through the bride over the phone!

Well, to tell you about that, I will have to give you an insight on how I was raised, and my family. I belong to a joint family. Two brothers married two sisters. They lived in the same house, and that was a setup where I was born to. It was a joint family and my cousins and I are of the same age group. You can imagine the fun we had growing up! The environment at home was so full of love that I did not want to get married initially. It would mean I would have to leave my house and I was not ready for that!

We continued with an elongated ! But.. and she continues. I met Tamil at a temple in November 2014. All girls have an image or an idea on how they want their life partner to be. Tamil was a personification of all of my desires and wishes. He was exactly how I wanted my partner to be, and I just could not say no to him! she says with a smile.

So did you guys get to know each other before the wedding? Yes we did! You see, our Uruthi Vaarthai was in February 2015 and during those few months, we did not meet in person often, but we spoke over the phone and I truly got to know him. He was sincere and sweet and I was completely floored! Then after the Uruthi Vaarthai, we started going out and the more time I spent with him, the more I knew he was the one for me. We had so many things in common, our interests, likes and dislikes! Love was just a matter of time!

Our engagement was in June 2015 and by that time; we had a very good understanding of each other and a bond that has only grown stronger. He is a very caring person, be it his family or mine and he makes me feel so special. That would probably the best thing about him. He makes time for me, just to make me feel loved and special. That is something that made me go crazy about him! she gushes!

Please tell us where you got your wedding stuff from? They look super gorgeous and so do you! Thank you so much! Wedding Shopping was super fun, mainly because I had the time for it; all the functions were a few months apart. Also, I had my cousins and family to help me with it. Let me tell you now, almost all of them were repeated, as they are all known to our family and are amongst the best at what they do! We had a very good experience working with all of them!

Saree- I got it from Mahaveers. I love that shop and they helped me pick the best one! It was one shop I re-visited for my Engagement and my Wedding! I want to add that for my Wedding, I was looking for something that was customized and so I got a customized Saree at Mahaveers. They did the specific motifs I had asked for and I simply loved it!

Blouse - Smrithi's from Coimbatore! I would suggest them for any bride! They are pretty smart at what they do! They know exactly what will suit the saree and the bride and they did an amazing job with me! All my blouses - Uruthi Vaarthai, Engagement and Wedding was from here!

Jewellery - I got my jewellery from three shops. Suman Jewellery, Zaveri and Kirthilal's. They were a mix of gold and diamond jewellery and I could not have gotten a better choice anywhere else! Between these three, I was set for all my functions!

Make-up- I got Karthika from Angel's to do my makeup for the Uruthi Vaarthai and Engagement. For my wedding, it was Meenal from Meenam Studios' in Chennai. Both were super friendly and did great to highlight my looks for all the functions!

Mehendi - It was done by Vaishali. She is a very good Mehendi artist and she is also from Tirupur! We loved her work!

Photography- It was done by Vipin. He is a family friend of sorts and we've known him for long. He has covered most of the weddings in my family and we could not have asked for anyone better!

Venue - The Uruthi Vaarthai took place at my home. The engagement was at Poppy's Hotel, Tirupur and the wedding took place at Velayada Swami Mandabam at Tirupur.

Decorator - The decor was done by Subbu Decor, Tirupur. They did an amazing job and we loved the entire ambience!

Caterer - The catering service was provided by Nagaraj Anna, Lakshmi Catering, Madampatti. They are pretty famous and we simply loved what was made. The people who came for the wedding had nothing but good things to say about the food.

Groom - He did his wedding shopping at Bassam Studios, Bangalore! We made a road trip out of it, and that just added to the entire thing!

Invitations - PPS Cards, Coimbatore did the formal ones. The Personal Invitations were by Priyadarshini Cards, Coimbatore.

We ask her about her Honeymoon trip and if she had any tips for the brides reading this. We went to New Zealand and Bora Bora for our honeymoon. It was a trip of fun and adventure. Tamil and I both love adventure sports and we had a gala time doing Bungee Jumping, Sky diving and the lot!

My tip to the brides reading this, do not stress. Take time for yourself. Wear what is comfortable and what suits your personality! I went for Face Cleanup's every month and I used a mixture of Oatmeal+ Curd+ Honey. It made a lot of difference and you should try it too!