The Charming Wedding Of A Fashion Designer Who Designed Her Own Outfits

The Charming Wedding Of A Fashion Designer Who Designed Her Own Outfits

The story of how the magic unfolded..

”An invisible red thread connects those who are destined to meet, regardless of time, place or circumstance. The thread may stretch or tangle but it will never break” - From a Chinese myth called the ‘Red String of Fate’

Well, it all started with a 'No'. Kaushik and I met through a matrimonial site. Kaushik had called me a few times from the US, but I was very hesitant to pick up those calls. After a couple of days, I pulled up my socks and sent him a long message explaining that I was not ready for marriage then. But somehow we just couldn’t stop texting each other. We just couldn't. We had so many things in common. He is the most decent guy I have ever come across in my life, so calm and composed, like a perfect package. I just couldn’t ask for more. And then BOOM! It just happened. I was madly in love with him already before even meeting him in person. He came down to India after few weeks and we were excited to meet each other for the very first time. After meeting him I was even more sure that he was 'The One'; and from then on there was no looking back, our fates were sealed a few days later when our parents met.My gold and diamond jewellery were mostly from GRT and Joy Alukkas. I got my Sangeet jewellery and the muhurtham head set from Rajatamaya. The head set was custom made according to my face shape and my preferred style.

I love each and every single thing about weddings. I observe very minute things from the décor to the most signifcant things. When our wedding date was fixed, I was extremely excited to plan each and every thing related to our wedding. I was stubborn that our wedding should mostly be DIY. It took meticulous planning and hours of painstaking detail to make sure we got everything right. None of this would have been possible without help from family and friends.

We had specific color themes for sangeet, reception and the wedding. We sourced fabrics for décor, bought everything according to our décor themes and hired a local person to execute everything. We had our caricature painted from Sweet Surprises India. We handcrafted tiny pink and purple pom poms and tassels for my mehendi décor as the color theme was pink & purple for our mehendi. We painted a lot of glass vases in gold sparkles to match our reception theme which was blush and antique gold. Our wedding décor theme was yellow. We had a lot of marigolds to match the theme color. All our family and friends wore personalized badges. We got them shipped from the US. We printed out our thank you notes from Etsy. One of my friends made handmade thank you cards for our friends.

I designed outfits for myself, Kaushik and most of the family & friends. My sangeet and reception outfits were designed by my boutique, Manjal Couture. My muhurtham saree is from Babu Shah, Kancheepuram and the blouses were also designed by Manjal Couture. I chose different colors for each occasions. My muhurtham saree was yellow as that is my ever favorite color. Nothing beats our traditional manjal color. Kaushik's sangeet outfit was also designed by Manjal Couture. We wore matching outfits for our Sangeet which was a huge hit. His reception outfit was by Syed Bawkher. These guys are simply the best. My makeup artist was Vandhana from Cochin. She is a fantastic artist and I can't be more happy about my choice. She simply makes you look like a Goddess. She did my makeup for my reception and wedding. My sangeet makeup was done by my maid of honor, Sindhuja Selvam.

Wedding photography was by Weddings by WFA. They are just phenomenal. Excellent team work, very punctual and extremely professional. We did our couple shoot at The Chidambara villas, Karaikudi.

We would like to thank Shopzters for featuring us on their page and of course for all the help that we have got from your website. So a big thankyou to you guys.

We had a wedding of our dreams. Kaushik and I could not have done it without our family and friends. We are so blessed to have these amazing people in our lives.