The Modern Traditional Couple – Reshika And Kujan

The Modern Traditional Couple – Reshika And Kujan

Reshika and Kujan Subramanian met over a year before the wedding, a union arranged by the parents but Reshika couldn’t have asked for anything more. Kujan, a pilot was exactly what she’d ever wanted, he fit her list perfectly, checking a tick next to all the requirements and dreams she had thought of. What followed was a beautiful Brahmin wedding that Shopzters just couldn’t resist bringing to you.

The engagement was held eight months after the couple met each other for the first time. The bride wore a traditional sari from Nali silks, her choice of store had sentimental value as the store has been a part of their family for a very long time. She got her jewellery made from Bombay since she wanted specific pieces that had to be customised.

The décor of the engagement was strictly flower decoration to add to the fresh ambience of the function. The make-up was done by Shabas from Chennai, the engagement look was Reshika’s favourite. Her hair was done by Pinky, who did a brilliant job. The Vratham was held before the wedding and Reshika wore an elegant pattu sari which she picked up from Varmahalakshmi. She chose her exquisite jewellery from Hyderabad as she didn’t want to buy anything in a hurry.

Her make-up was done by Ibraham who also did her stunning make-up for the wedding and reception. Reshika was especially happy with her hair, done by Raghav and Gopinath.

The wedding was held in a traditional Brahmin manner. Reshika wore a green and red sari, which she got from Sundari Silks, the colour scheme directly reflective of the religious significance it holds for her. Her jewellery was once again chosen from Hyderabad. She believed that her make-up for this function was truly flawless and was exceptionally happy with @make-up-ibrahim#’s work. Her hair-do for this event was a personal favourite done by Raghavan.

At the reception, the groom wore a sharp suit from Giorgio Armani and the bride wore a gorgeous gold sari from Varmahalakshmi. Reshika got her diamond jewellery from Yoube, who specialise in such pieces from Bombay. The photography for all the functions was done by Ajay Krishnan (@aju#), who did a wonderful job and covered this fairy-tale like wedding with all the attention it deserved.

The bride’s favourite moment had her torn between two incidents, the thali tying was obviously on her list, but the ceremony during which the uncles carry the bride and groom as they exchange garlands is also very close to her heart.

The funniest moment took place when the relatives were playing games and they had a singing competition, she was so glad to watch her family enjoy and be a part of her celebrations. The couple took a Europe trip for their honeymoon, they visited Paris, Venice and Switzerland, her favourites being the last two.