The Story That Started With Two Words

The Story That Started With Two Words "OK Kanmani!"

Hi all.. I am Sneha from Chennai and my hubby Aravind is from Trivandrum.

It all started with those two words “OK Kanmani” !! 

Yeah .. That’s were our story begun. We both work for Accenture but we didn’t know each other as we were located in two different cities. May be you can quote it as “Two states”.. ha ha..He was working in Bangalore and I was in Chennai. We saw each other’s profile in Tamil Matrimony and proceeded with interest. But unfortunately Aravind’s parents told they have to wait until their priest told them to proceed..Days passed by and Aravind tracked me via one of our mutual friends and stalked me on office communicator and social media. Slowly we began to chat and got to know each other. After two months of blush, bits and part of love, he rushed his adrenaline and proposed me asking me if we could marry and finally we ended up with those two sweet words “OK Kanmani”. We had to make our parents agree to this as they initially postponed this..Aravind and I surfed all the websites that could help us match the horoscope coz that's the primary step in every Iyer marriage. And to our luck, every website returned us good results. Finally with all confidence and guts, we went and approached our parents. Gradually things fell in place as per our plan and it led to “Dum dum dum” where we created our own happiness and a fairy tale.

I had 3 months of time to do all my shopping. All my sarees were traditional and were bought from RMKV and Kumaran silks. I got my lehenga from “Diva”. I wasn’t so much particular about the places but still these shops had huge collections and I was very much satisfied. And no words to describe the experience coz I was always surrounded with friends and relatives ”Hey look at that..” , “Hey that’s a nice color and different combo”.. ”Hey try this ..this would suit u better”…lots and lots of suggestions, ideas. I have my own taste and wanted my wedding to be a remarkable one for myself and so I chose all by myself. So much of hard work, confusions and decisions,but I feel contented.

I wanted to choose the best designer and I chose “@ishithaa-boutique#”,T nagar, for my muhurtham blouse. 

And obviously I need not say much about “@zero-gravity-photography#” team for photography.  I chose them as I knew they would make my dreams come true and definitely they did. 4 years of following them gave me fruitful results. 

“JP Caterers” and team who did an excellent job in arranging stuffs and giving away surprises. People were very much impressed by the food and we got lots of compliments. The garland design and color was designed by me and these people brought it live. Such a delight it was !! It was exactly what I expected.

Last but not least I must personally talk about Durga ,my makeup artist who gave me such a pleasing look. I came across her faebook page at the right time, “The Fame Salon and Makeup studio”. After so many analysis and confusions, I decided to go with her after experiencing the trial makeup.

I would like to tell about “Prince Plaza” Egmore. I had already been there twice and much impressed by their collection.

And definitely,I should mention about my customized invitation card based which had a “Ok Kanmani” movie theme. It was a challenging task to make them understand what I had in my mind and I had to work along with them after my office hours. The result was really beautiful. Thanks to Menaka cards who listened and worked patiently with me.

Especially I loved my entry which was planned in a beautiful white palki and together we got down from Audi and entered the majestic hall. We were treated just like a King and Queen and we absolutely loved it.

We travelled immediately to US and wouldn't call it our honeymoon but our first trip was to Boston & New York City.