The Wedding Story Of Two Crazy Adventurous People In Love

The Wedding Story Of Two Crazy Adventurous People In Love

I’m Vani Srinivasa and my Husband is Ashwin Pasupuleti Thilkakkumar, both of us are software engineers, he works for Tesla, I work for ServiceNow in California. In one line we are two crazy and adventurous people in love. we have a lot of things in common also we share our Birthdays.

We met 5years ago and started dating in no time. He directly asked me to marry him, by asking how does Vani Ashwin sound?(Didn’t even use ‘I Love you’ phrase). I didn’t say yes immediately but there was a moment I knew for sure He was the one for me. First three years was a long distance relationship, when I was in Mysore (Bachelors) he was in Bangalore (Working), when I was in Bangalore (Working) he was in US (Masters). When I moved to California to pursue MS, we met every single day to make up for the time we lost staying away. It was magical, every moment. He was my pillar of strength through ups and downs apart from my parents. He being a Naidu, me being a Reddy and both from Bangalore, we had to move the world to make our wedding happen (March 2017). It wasn’t easy, but I’m glad we have a story to tell our kids and grandkids.

As I mentioned both of us stay in US, wedding shopping was a nightmare. Most of it was decided on Whatsapp and skype calls which happened almost every night. I was very particular about each and every detail from saree kuchu (crochet designs) to jewelry, shoes to bangles. All my wedding sarees were bought from @a-s-babu-sah# - Kanchipuram, my family always shops there for weddings so. My lehengas were picked from Mandir - Hyderabad, they have good collection so. My wedding jewelry - long chain and earrings - were designed by me and got it done from Praveen Jewelers - Bangalore – Chickpet, they are very good at what they do. Bangles from GRT Jewelers - Bangalore, CZ stones choker is from Surabhi Jewelers – Bangalore.

My saree blouses were designed by Ritu’s Studio – Bangalore.

Mehendi artist – @artist-aasma-art-gallery# from Bangalore

Decoration and catering was chosen by parents.

Make up was by Shwetha Mahadev, After a lot of thoughts we finally decided its gonna be Shwetha, definitely a go to person. Loved her makeup.

Photography, videography and Cinematography – After speaking to lot of photographers we finalized @ganesh-photography# and team. We definitely love the pics, videos are yet to come and we are sure it will be great too 

Ashwin and I have lot of common friends. Despite our hectic schedule we celebrated bachelor and bachelorette party in Las Vegas, one night we had one common party for all friends and next night separate parties. I would never forget pre-wedding photoshoot…. We requested a friend (professional) to do it for us. Each moment was romantic, with our busy schedules and stress, this made us spend quality time in each other’s arms, looking into each other’s eyes and getting lost. We fell in love all over again.

All the functions started 7 days before the wedding, first three days is Gudsullu Pooja, On the 4th day it was Bangles function, 5th day was Mehendi Function and 6th Haldi at home, 7th day we have Haldi at wedding venue which includes both bride and groom, 8th day was the wedding which took place in Dharmastala – Karnataka. We are blessed to have got married in one of the holy places. We kept all these functions simple with only close relatives and friends attending it. 9th day we had a reception in Bangalore for all friends and relatives. We enjoyed each and every function and it was fun to spend time with our closed ones so well.

I had two months’ time to select photographer, cinematographer, Makeup artist, Jewelry, designers (blouses), pre-wedding photographer etc, so all these things kept me on my toes. I did have help of my family to go in person and check on these things but I had to select. apart from my regular day job.

So I absolutely had no time to take care of my health and beauty.

In 25 days of our time in India, we had all the functions and visited a lot of temples like Tirupati, Dharmastala, Kukke Subramanya, Koluru Mukambikae, Shringeri Sharadambae etc. And finally we went to goa for three days and spent most of the time in Prainha resort which was very beautiful, had private beach, pool and was quiet at all times. We had finally made time for ourselves. We are planning our second honeymoon in Alaska as we both are not sun people.

The most emotional moment was when Ashwin tied three knots, I couldn’t stop thinking of my dad, who we lost in Nov 2015, and tears kept rolling down, nothing mattered to me that moment. other than that we did enjoy each and every moment.

I have one tip for all the brides – Do not ignore makeup artists and photographer at any cost. Ten or twenty years down the lane you might not remember the taste of food or how the venue was decorated, but you for sure will look at the photos and videos and only things you can see would be, how beautiful you looked and how beautifully the moments are captured or shoot. And always remember to smile, your getting married :)