The Wedding Story Of Two Doctors From Pondicherry

The Wedding Story Of Two Doctors From Pondicherry

Two doctors from Pondicherry. She, a strong of believer of God and he, a dedicated and hard working person. Providence brought them together for life !!!

I m Sankavi, a doctor living in Pondicherry. I am a strong believer of God...I usually visit Iskon temple every Saturday. On one such occasion, I met my grandpa's friend who is 80 yrs old. I just asked, 'How are you?' He immediately he said, 'I have a groom for u, he will suit u!' This is how the talk of my marriage started.

On Oct 12 was the Ponnu parkum function at a temple in Pondicherry and it was love at first sight! To say about my husband, he is a doctor working in Government hospital in Pondicherry.

Kadavul varangal tharum pala kathai ketaen ahvarae varamaye varavathai ingu parthaen! I have heard of stories where God grants boons but here, he himself came! These lines are really true and I dedicate this to my husband!

Such an awesome person he is! - in everything! A service minded and dedicated and hard working person he is! And jovial too... He makes me laugh most of time and I think this is the best gift I get from him... The beauty is we both are from Pondicherry, so I get to meet my mom n dad everyday! What a blessing!

To be frank, I didn't plan anything for my wedding! I wanted it to be simple yet it turned out to be elegant. Very happy about it!

I got my sarees from @a-s-babu-sah#, Kanchipuram - one of the best places for varieties a truly trusted shop! Blouses: I am very glad to say that they are from Vrksh, Chennai. Ramya designed all my blouses and they were indeed unique in every possible way!

Jewellery: Reception set was a Chocker, long chain and jumki, was the highlight. I purchased them from Kishan Das Jewellers, Hyderabad. My jada villa was from GRT. My wedding temple collections, necklace and haram were from Lakshmi Jewellery, Pondicherry.

 Bangles... I bought from Casablanca, Pondicherry.

Makeup: Reception - Naturals. For wedding: we did ourselves which was simple made me look natural.

Photography: Immense pleasure to say it is @sriram-raghu# from Chennai. The cinematic video of my wedding is the highlight. It showed not only me but how everybody who came enjoyed during the wedding.

Decorations: Simple beautiful! They were taken care of by Saravanan Decorators, Pondicherry. Catering: Jayaram Hotel Pondicherry. Everyone appreciated saying the food was awesome! Another highlight was, we gave ghee biscuits instead of sweets along with thambulam specially ordered from Ashwini Sweets, Trichy. And finally something important !! I didn't stop smiling at all !!