Then, They Became The One Love Story That We All Want To Hear!

Then, They Became The One Love Story That We All Want To Hear!

Have you ever truly wondered about Love?

This is not the clichéd or sappy love story, but something that is definitely right outta movies!

You wouldn’t believe when we say that the Groom here is the calm and collective one whereas the bride is fun and energetic!

Renuka is a Fashion and editorial photographer and Krishna is an Actor and Choreographer in Sun TV. As unique as a couple they are, their story is one such unique one too.

Something on each other and how they met!

Krishna: She is fun to be with, the best entertainer and a day doesn't pass by for without hearing her voice! She puts everything right in place for me.

Renuka: He is just the opposite; he is a calm and quite person. Being in front of the camera for long is the reason behind all the pictures.

We first met at a cultural event in Loyola and I was instantly crushing on him. Then we talked, dated and after two weeks he said he was in love! But I took my time until I was sure (6 months)! Love is not what we have at first sight, its lust!

He is my rock; he gives me the perspective of what is important.

During the Sangeet, he went down on one knee with an engraved ring which says ‘She’s my light’! Everybody thought he was going to fall in my feet. (*haha)

The Sangeet/Cocktail was the best part about our wedding! We had an intimate sangeet and invited only friends and family who would be at their fullest to have that kind of fun at the event.

When I came in with my Dad and Brother, his friends all gave me single yellow roses and he gave a big bouquet while dancing for Omana Penne. We then danced for a slow number first and everyone were like ‘This hall is filled with love and we have never seen anything like this!’ My friends from the US performed a dance for a couple of minutes and his friends being all professional dancers were dancing and made us dance throughout the night! Nobody even left to have dinner just because they didn’t want to miss the entertainment going on!

Sangeeth Venue: Chrome Plaza

Wardrobe: His – Gabban Life, Hers – Gaurav Gupta

Wedding Venue: Leela Palace

Sarees: Tulsi Silks.

Blouses were decided by my mom.

Krishna: During the wedding was, we were asked to do ‘Paatha Pooja’ she just splashed water on her parents’ feet and told that it was over!

Renuka: He was slowly washing their feet for 5 minutes, giving them a pedicure!

Makeup: Ansar

Planners: @epic-weddings#

Photo and Video: @foto-zone#

Our parents were asking 'What is this? What are they doing? Jumping around and stuff'. But we couldn't act like someone else on our wedding day!