10 Attractive Photo Booth Ideas You Don't Wanna Miss

Every happening wedding has a photo booth. Why should just the bride and groom have all the fun? Here are 11 photo booth ideas for a fun Indian wedding. Let your guests have some fun too!

Instagram frames

Colourful frames behind which guests can pose for photos. If you are looking for a more budget friendly option, try hand held Instagram frames. These simple cut outs can be held in the posers’ hands


Pom poms everywhere!

Pop themed weddings are so in! A backdrop of multi coloured pom poms will add colour and quirkiness to your wedding photos.


Go all ethnic and rusty

A faded wall with bamboo baskets in the backdrop. Simple and rural. Add strings of marigolds to add that touch of colour and Indianness


Old school wedding

Black boards in the backdrop with sweet nothings scribbled in chalk all over them. It’s a simple, economic and trending photo booth idea.


Bubbles and Balloons!

Balloons are easily available in a wide variety of shapes and colours. Stick them on to a wall and tada! You have an “airy” photo booth!


Go green and grassy

For those of you that like flowers, set a small corner with a green background. If the vines aren’t the flowering kinds you can always stick your favourite flowers on instead!


Origami and Pin wheels

How can we miss mentioning paper crafts? This is the easiest way to go. Buy colourful origami and pin wheels in bulk and place them aesthetically, you have the perfect backdrop for the perfect photograph.


Pose with a fun vehicle

Be it your rusty tin car or peppy new scooty. Don a pair of humungous sunglasses and pose with it in style!


Prop away!

Forget the backdrop, forget everything. Just get a table full of funny props and a small corner with good lighting and a decent background. You have an impromptu fun photo booth!