10 Trending Wedding Entry Ideas For Couples To Try

10 Trending Wedding Entry Ideas For Couples To Try

Finally! You're getting married. This is probably the one time they'll let you get away with anything, well maybe not ANYTHING!

Oh wait, where were we? Right, weddings!

Woohoo! It's your big day! You may be a shy soul, you may be a bookworm or an outright introvert – but let’s face it, all of us want that GRAND WEDDING that no one has ever seen before.

Well, the start of a grand wedding is at the entrance itself – How you ask? Read on and find for yourself!

Riding horses to your wedding – so behind-the-times and overdone, it’s time to get creative gentlemen, right? Bang on! Innovation! Creativity! Wedding! This is getting exciting, isn't it? Why not make your wedding entrance a show stopper. Make them blokes jealous they ain't getting married like you.

Vintage is IN
The best way to look stylish on a budget is to try a second hand, bargain hunting, and Vintage. Indeed what was once brand new is now called vintage, but as they say 'old is gold' vintage never loses its charm. Whether the couple arrives in a vintage car, bike, cinderella carriages or customized hay-wagon rides, the grand entry will comply style, elegance and simplicity all at the same time.


Melody in the air
It's incredible how music can connect souls! And the one good thing about music is that when it hits, you feel joyous. Soft or Rock, a musical entry to your wedding will make even the aunties want to shake to leg.


Hold that Rickshaw

A 3 wheeled vehicle either working on fuel or pulled over manually may sound doltish but is one of the favorites wedding entry ideas preferred by the puckish couples. Adorned with flowers or latest decoratives these vehicles are personalized for couples, which can be driven by the bride or groom for a peppy entry.

JCB digger - no kidding
An entrance with a difference! It is more amazing than unconventional. And hello, who doesn't want something extraordinary for their big day? Well, there's just one tip to be thought over - to well rehearse before giving a shot to this apparent madness as arriving on this monster machine in your wedding attire is intricate.


Piece of Jugglery
Holy Cow! Where's the bride? The anxious guests are about to declare the bride's been missing when she appears in a glass cabinet on stage decked up in wedding attire amidst the billowing smoke holding a magical wand and chanting a magic spell which makes her husband-to-be emerge from a giant lotus! Countless of such stupendous magic tricks are a glamour quotient for the couple and a visual delight for the guests.


Sparkling Stars

You can glitter with the best shimmering entry may it be indoors or outdoors with vast options. May it be firework sparklers, gleaming diyas, glow sticks, torches; arranged in holders or held by family members, walking in the midst of these beams of light is magnificent.


Mighty Ingress

Similar to our kings and queens of the past, entering your wedding venue on a brightly decorated elephant is grand! Put it up with the flowers or drapes to enhance the appearance of this large mammal.


One Step At A Time

Indian weddings are tagged as 'fun unlimited'. Whether you can shake a leg or not, here you can freely express and rejoice in your family's or friend's wedding processions. You and your guests can shake a leg to the beats of dhols. From wedding songs to your favorite tunes, it's amusing to watch your friends perform live not only increasing the charm of your wedding but also euphoria for the couple.


Bike Ahoy

The clunking and whirring of bikes can steal anyone's attention. Whether the bride arrives on a bike driving or sitting behind her father or brother, the scene is definitely going to be eye catching. The groom arriving on a bike with floral decorations or simple and sober is an admirable entry concept too.


3D Holographic Approach

Looking for something new and attractive? Then here is an idea for your wedding planner to try out. A live 3D experience that can be made into a film video sequence or shadow image floating in the air whether a static image or sequential one. Something which the invited guests can walk around to admire from any given dimension.

Wrapping up:

These wedding entry themes act as show stoppers for the special day and a start to a great beginning. After all, the relationship between husband and wife is psychological (where one is psycho and the other is logical – pun intended!). Let's not try to figure out who is who because this marriage endeavor is nothing but a deck of cards - It all begins with two hearts and a diamond; while journey towards the end makes you feel you had a club and a spade!

Special Thanks to Pradeep Chander of @marriage-colours# for giving us a lot of input on this article.