12 Blouse Neckline Designs You Ought To Know Before Getting Your Blouse Stitched

12 Blouse Neckline Designs You Ought To Know Before Getting Your Blouse Stitched

There are 2 things you need to see in a blouse. Design and fit. Both of these can be achieved perfectly if you go to a good designer. But most people don’t go to designers unless there is an occasion that requires them to do so. If you wish to wear designer like blouses every day, you need to know the designs yourself. That way you can give clear instructions to your tailor. Here are some necklines by @paroksha# that you can try!

This netted sunflower design on the back of the blouse will go well with a plain saree in a single solid colour.

High neck blouse with a leaf like design in embroidered material. A good choice for brocade sarees.

Looking for a bridal blouse? You’ve come to the right place. A deep cut neck bordered with embellishments seems perfect doesn’t it?

Round necks always give an aura of feminity. This design can be paired with lacy sarees to complete the look.

Pentagon shaped neckline suits every body type. It gives the illusion of a narrower waist too.

Drop shaped neckline is the usual U neck but with a small twist. To give your blouse an added look, pair it with sleeves that go down to your elbows.

The U neck is the most common neckline that is preferred by everyone. 

This dome shaped cut is a bold design for Indian standards. If you have such a stunning blouse, skip the neckpieces and wear large earrings instead.

A design that looks like you’re wearing an embroidered bolero jacket!

This is a good neck design regardless of the occasion or surroundings. Not too bold nor conservative. Besides, the dangling bow knot gives just the right amount of style.

Another dome design with a wide strip below. A good blouse pattern for petite women.

Square neck is the second most common neck design for blouses. You can play with the material, border and colours to make it more interesting.