5 Colour Themes To Bespeak The Colourful Tongue

5 Colour Themes To Bespeak The Colourful Tongue

Colours and shades bring a lot of vibrance into weddings and @3d-design-decor-by-dinazwedding-planning-event-planner# have never ceased to offer the essence of true colour co-ordinations and combinations. With the right set of colouful themes, they are back again with a bang, colourfully! Here are few of our favourites!

Vasant utsavam

The vibrance of this theme can never be forgotten. The usage of unique patterns and colours is sure to wreck all hearts. 

Ravishing red

Reds have always been a bold favourite for most couples. This red theme is breaking all clichés.


With the generous usage of marigolds, this wedding set up is a must try.

Green yellow

Greens and yellows are predominantly found in this set up and are sure to make you fall in love.

Red white gold

The brilliant combo of red, white and gold is doing all the rounds it deserves.