5 Quirky Decor Ideas That Will Add Pep & Colour To Your Special Day

5 Quirky Decor Ideas That Will Add Pep & Colour To Your Special Day

Ready to spruce up your wedding with unique decor? Your wedding is a special event that happens once in a lifetime. You want it to be perfect and so do we! Age old concepts of wedding decorations have long gone by. Going overboard with extravagance is out. Simple eye-catching prettiness is in. So check out these latest quirky wedding décor ideas that will add pep and color to your special day!

A dash of Yellow roses

The entryway to your wedding premises looks too dull? Worry not! Painted watering cans laden with flowers is all you need. Try lining up the path from the gate up till the entrance. It creates the right mix of classiness and fairy tale like ambiance.

A tinge of wine colored Orchids

Orchids sure are expensive flowers but you need very few to create a glamorous yet simple setting. One stalk in an old wine bottle. Another in a recycled electric bulb. Placing these beauties in unexpected surroundings adds a beautiful element of surprise.

Orange goodness of Marigold

What is an Indian wedding without marigold flowers? The rich shades of yellow and orange are sufficient to create a festive mood. And what can be possibly more festive than your wedding! The best part of marigold flowers is that they aren't too delicate. You can unleash your creativity with using them as flower carpets, wall hangings etcetera without worrying about them wilting.

Bangle Bonanza

Bangles play a significant role in the Indian wedding tradition. Why not give it a new twist and use it as a wedding stage decoration? You can get them in any variety that best fits your wedding theme. There are endless choices when it comes to color, material, design and texture.

Elizibithian Elegance

Get married like British royalty! Been following fashion statements of Princess Diana and Kate Middleton all your life? Peach colored English roses are the way to go! Complement them with a delicately frosted cake and give away hand fans. And you're all set to be the princess brideof your dreams!