5 Trends in South Indian Weddings

5 Trends in South Indian Weddings

With each passing generation, attitudes change and styles evolve. Interesting elements from various traditions are integrated into the existing one. If North Indian weddings can be described as luxurious celebrations of love, South Indian weddings are breathtaking ceremonial rituals.

Today, south Indian weddings are undergoing a major face-lift. Weddings in South India are now an amalgam of the best practices from different parts of India. This changing wedding scenario is something that every soon to be bride must be updated with. Depending on your taste and budget, you can choose to include or avoid these in your wedding itinerary. So let's begin!


Influx of the Sangeet, Mehendi and Baraat ceremonies

If you are a product of typical south Indian parents (like me). The only time you’ve heard of these events as a child were at a Punjabi friends wedding or in Bollywood movies. How the times have changed. Most weddings today have incorporated these functions into the traditional itinerary. I cannot help but admit that these are so much fun!

Besides, which girl hasn’t dreamt of the knight in shining armour on a galloping white stallion? Maybe that’s too much to ask for. So we settle for it’s Indianized version- The Baraat. The white horse, veiled groom and frenzy dancing of family and friends to the beating drums and trumpets. Sounds incredible doesn’t it?

Theming things up

This is a trend that began with guests at the wedding sticking to a predetermined colour theme. What began as an innocent attempt to spice things up for guests has now come to its peak. Themed weddings complete with props are so in!

From Royal ensembles to Harry Potter themes, the world is yours to choose from and wedding decorators are waiting to unleash their creativity. Photo booths are a must for this wedding season.

Dressing the Groom in Suits and Sherwanis 

What happened to the simple handsome hunk in a plain white dhoti? He has transformed into a regal entity in his bejewelled ethnic costume. Most weddings today have grooms who are as invested in their looks as their brides, maybe more. While the sherwani look is pleasing to the eye suits are an entirely different story.

Fashionistas cringe at the very thought of the groom is in a three-piece suit complete with a tie and waistcoat while the bride is in a brightly coloured Kanchivaram silk sari. Like a goddess standing beside James Bond. The two genres simply don’t match. Regardless of what you choose to wear, make sure that the two of you don’t look like you’re from different planets.

Plastered face to natural glow

Now here is a welcome change! Until recently layers of makeup plastered onto the brides face made her barely recognisable. Thick layers of foundation and cosmetics that entirely recolored facial features. No more.

Beauty parlours today come with Bridal packages. Some that last months long! The result? A rich healthy glow and smooth shiny skin. Even the makeup on D-Day is kept minimal. Pretty features are highlighted and blemishes covered. Nude makeup is the way to go!

Candid photography everywhere

There was a time when the bride and groom posed for photographs like they went to sleep with hangers in their mouths. Thankfully that has changed. Wedding photographers and videographers these days capture the unnoticed moments at your wedding. Ones that nobody poses for.

Your excited giggles, his twinkling eyes and silent conversations. They help freeze the best moments of your wedding. Be sure to hire one.