5 Ways To Welcome Wedding Guests

5 Ways To Welcome Wedding Guests

Tradition is the bedrock of weddings. From welcoming the Groom to the Mandapam to sending off the Bride with another family to everything in between, it is done by the book. Yet our parents have given some wiggle room to jazz it up with current trends and so let's put that to good use.

To start at the beginning, it's crucial to welcome them with the same amount of joy we are celebrating this event. While its tradition to welcome our guests with sandhana thambulam, roses and rock candy, here are some personalized gifts and gestures that will make their day.

After all, their blessing is equally important. So come, let's butter them up.

Welcome bags

Unlike a Thambulam bag, you can get a trendy, environment-friendly, printed jute tote bag which the guests can use on other occasions. You can also add some personalized items. It could be anything like bath products, or snacks, or fun stationery or mini action figures.welcome bag #3 welcome bag #4welcome bag #1 Welcome bag #2

Amuse bouche This will brighten up your guests for sure. Amuse bouche is French for bite-sized appetizers. We can start them off with dirty salads (which are healthy snack turned fatty and yummy, not unhygienic), or fried food and some fresh juice to wash it down with. Dirty fruit salad #2 Ricotta-Cheesecake-and-Fruit-Lollipopsfried food #1 dirty fruit salad #1

Wedding itinerary A cheesy and adorable hand-out of the events that are lined-up for the big day to inform the guests what to expect and when to arrive, where they can convene and plan the rest of the trip accordingly.

wedding schedule #2 wedding schedule #1

Local tour guide Make an info-graph on local attractions available for the guests to see or do between ceremonies. It could be a temple of an auspicious and powerful god, beautiful gardens, or coffee shops. You can also add a local map and the best way to get there.local tour guide LTG #2

Welcome signs While flex boards are one way to go, here are some cool, trendy, and cute signs that will pique their interest. welcome bag #3 welcome bag #4 welcome sign #3welcome sign #2 Welcome sign #4 rustic-chic-wood-wedding-signsweclome sign #5 welcome sign #1