6 Lighting Decor Ideas For The Fairytale Wedding

6 Lighting Decor Ideas For The Fairytale Wedding

Lighting in Indian weddings is an important affair. Weeks before the wedding people start pouring in. They decorate the house. Bathe it in lights like a bride. Fancier house decorations have lights that twinkle and dance to music. Either way lighting up is essential. Here we have some Wedding Décor ideas to light up the wedding premises. We hope you’ll like them!

For lighting up the entrance to the wedding hallway, try flower carpets. Its not as difficult as you think. Stringed flowers can simply be laid out in desired patterns. They look beautiful in day light. Put little lit up diyas coinciding with the flower patterns and you have a feast for the eyes! PC- Amaahyaaj

Heard of the phrase “Match made in heaven”? Here is the best of how heaven can be created on earth. What a fabulous lighting idea! Babies breath flowers surrounding the crystal chandeliers gives it a such a dreamy look! PC- Amaahyaaj

Take dreamy settings to a whole new level by using these bird cages instead. Squeeze in some lovely roses to make it Disney like! We love the play of light and colours in this image. Don’t you? PC- Dinaz Decor

Fairy light curtains are so in! This easy and economic little trick can transform any background to a more magical and festive setting. Look at this picture for instance, without the lights it could simply be a formal outdoor dinner but with them the energy is enhanced greatly. PC- Light it up

Why book a hall for your post wedding reception? Get some nice outdoor space and deck it up in lights! The best thing about fairy lights is how diversely it can be used to create entirely different surroundings.

The simplest and most prettiest way of using rice grain lights is by wrapping them around trees and twigs that border the path to your wedding venue. It creates an ambience of stepping into a whole new world. Just a few lights make so much difference!