6 Love Nooks In South India For Your Post Wedding Photo Shoot

6 Love Nooks In South India For Your Post Wedding Photo Shoot

There is something about post wedding photo shoots that puts a grin on our faces. The wedding celebrations are over, the crowds have dispersed and the priest has stopped chanting his mantras. What remains is the two people who get married and their blossoming romance. That is exactly what post wedding photo shoots capture. If you weren’t planning on having one, take a look at these and you’ll  definitely change your mind!

You don’t need to go to fancy far off destinations for the perfect photo shoot. There are many places in South India that can serve your purpose beautifully. Take Hampi for instance which is less than a day away from Chennai and a few hours away from Bangalore. The ancient architectural marvel is haven for photographers. PC-Vipin Photography


If Hampi still seems too far, look for quiet corners in the bustling city. Such as this beautiful shot taken in the middle of Chennai’s market. If you are hoping to recreate such a scene, make sure you carry the right kind of lighting. Your photographer would know that of course but it wouldn’t hurt to remind him! PC- Studio A


If are looking for quiet secluded outdoor shots, what better place than the Andamans? You can get a wide variety of shots taken here. From turquoise beaches to rich tropical forests. Like the sound of it? What are you waiting for? Get your tickets ready! PC- Vipin Photography


Then again, why go all the way to Andaman when you have your own coastline? Yes, it’s the Marina Beach we’re talking about. It’s right there in Chennai and can serve your purpose. Make sure you pick a time and spot that is relatively less crowded (it’s almost always crowded!). Try early summer mornings when there are comparitively lesser crowds. PC- Vipin Phtography


If none of that sounded appealing to you, there is always “God’s own country”! Kerala is called so for a reason. A lot of reasons in fact. The most important being how breathtakingly gorgeous it is. Kerala’s tourist spots like Allepy and Kovalam are easily accessible regions especially for South Indians. Hop on to one of these house boats and get a professional photographer to take a couple of snaps. We promise you won’t regret it! PC- Studio A


You don’t have to buy tickets, you don’t have to take a train, you don’t even need to carry a bunch of lamps and pose in the middle of a busy market. Here is a beautiful shot on the highway as they take a break from the driving and stop to drink a cup of filter kaapi in the rain. Everyday romance. Anway that’s what it’s going to be like for the rest of your life! PC- Vipin Photography