6 New Themes To Try This Wedding Season

6 New Themes To Try This Wedding Season

The traditional wedding has been seen and done, and the new generation has decided that it's time for a change. We've come across a range of themes that could make any occasion magical. So pull up your socks and experiment, if you aren't the adventurous type then you could pick a color based theme instead. It doesn't require a commitment and can be achieved rather easily.

The Royal Arabian Wedding

This design is inspired right out of Arab textures, motifs and color schemes with perfect color tones that play as daylight colors and transform along with the night sky at the same time. From flower balls with suspended lanterns through the linear entry walkway, entry decor with detailed cusp Arabian arches dolled up in a contrasting Matte Gold finish and the suspended crystals from the checked ceiling that perfectly caught the light, this was undoubtedly a beautiful wedding created by The Dream Theme.

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The Herb Wedding

This theme is for the couples who love minimalism and subtlety, its modern and chic without screaming for attention, not to mention the fact that it is super eco-friendly because no flowers were harmed in the making of this wedding. The little details that stood out were the wheelbarrow with herbs wrapped in burlap, handmade crates with herbs picked from a nursery wrapped in burlap and jute rope, an old whiskey barrel cut in half where an orange tree was potted in, ladder with photographs of the family, chalkboard with the brides favorite quote and wooden letters of the bride and grooms family names. The primary color for the entire theme is white, with candles lined across the dinning table to create the perfect symmetry, a specialty of the With Love, Nilma team.

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Vasant Utsavam

From that splash of color to the quirky set up, this decor has it all. It's for the couples who want their function to represent their fun and extrovert personality. This theme plays with different elements and props to create a Spring time for you with umbrellas, mirrors, flowers, pleated fabrics and so much more. It is to truly explore your creativity and go wild with your imagination as 3D decor did in this case.

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Tambourine Twist

In this case, the use of props in detailing is what makes it stand out, tambourines hanging from trees as creepers, the tent and even as an entire wall look absolutely refreshing, especially for an occasion like mehendi or sangeet. The chandeliers too catch as attention as they create beautiful patterns on the ceiling when you put a source of light inside them. And let's not ignore the ghungru bangles hanging from the drapes, they are festive and refreshing, made by the truly inspired Devika Narain & Co.

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Pink Plush

Fresh and trending, this floral exquisiteness comes to life with an array of carnations, chrysanthemums, orchids and roses in the floral concepts with contemporary art motifs fused intricately. From the vibrant and colossal entrance designs to the sparkling pathways and the dazzling centre stage, every detail about the decor spoke volumes of well-engineered creativity while following a simple color theme by Vivahhika.


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Green Grandeur What stands out in this event is the inspiration it draws from the Hand Fan and further expands to intricate pleats and studded hand fans that form an entire wall decor creating a gorgeous backdrop for the bride. The color palette of this theme is predominantly green, red and white with soft hints of pastel. Designed for a sangeet in this particularly, it sees a lot of flowers. This theme by Event Art is ideal for small spaces and minimal decorations as it could light up any corner.

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