8 Spectacular Motifs That Rule The World Of Silk Sarees!

8 Spectacular Motifs That Rule The World Of Silk Sarees!

We have all sat in wide-eyed wonder, watching our moms drape sarees of different fabrics, colours, and patterns over the years. We have all taken the bathroom towels, screens or a stray dupatta and wound ourselves tight trying to look all lady-like and pose in front of the mirror for hours. So it’s safe to say that no matter what the northern winds bring in the name of fashion, our love for saree can never be blown away completely.

Silk sarees, especially, are ever-green. And some of the patterns and designs which we have favoured in the past remains to enthral every new generation, without fail.

The intricately woven motifs have historic significance and several are considered auspicious. And why not? After all they were inspired by myriad tales our grandparents once told us, such as our gods and their Vimana’s, the weapons of their choice, the flowers that they favoured, tales that symbolizes every object we come across in our life; and they change the way we see the world.

Some of these motifs evoke an exquisite grandeur in silk sarees. And we love it to moon and back.  

1.      Magnificent Annapakshis: Annapakshi, a divine mythical bird, is a favourite among weavers and wearers of silk sarees. Annapakshi resembles a swan, and this lovely sauntering bird is iconic and a must-have. And besides its spiritual qualities, the iridescent beauty of this bird beguiles our minds. 


2.      Plump Mango: When in doubt, pick a mango motif. This recurring design is reliable and traditional. Mango patterns with artistic floral designs in and around it, is world-famous and is known by many names across cultures such as Persian pickles, Welsh pears, twisted teardrop, or Paisley designs.

3.      Blooming Flowers and Lively Leaves: A motif inspired straight out of Mother Nature, these flower and leaf patterns are timeless and come in several artistic forms. Flowers symbolize a feminine beauty. And leaves are us, human beings, growing on branches, or on vines, creeping along the length of the fabric, in all its glory. They are woven to look either simply elegant across the body of a saree or shimmering along the pallu.

4.      Celestial Chakram: A Chakram (wheel) motif is steeped in myth, heritage and spirituality. Deities such as Lord Vishnu carry powerful chakra (disk) in one of his hands, and spiritually, Chakras are energy points on which yogis meditate upon, of which there are several. This divine motif inspired from temple scriptures on wide borders, or on vibrant colours along the length of the saree, or flowing in dazzling fall of the pallu is a pattern to look out for!  

5.      Sensational small flowers: It’s a romantic inspiration for all artists alike. And they add beauty, grace, sensuality and charm to the material. It’s a popular motif among the weavers, inspired by nature. 

6.      Remarkable Thilagam: Thilagam is a teardrop shape usually comes in a bindhi or pottu that women wear on their forehead. This motif on a silk saree adds a dramatic beauty to it. And on a deep dark coloured sombre saree, this pattern criss-crossing across the fabric will make it richly feminine.

7.      Countless dots: Polka dots are a minimalist’s dream motif. It’s simple, yet it’s wide-spread and it can add the sparkle without drawing any attention away from the wearer.

8.       Mighty Animals and Majestic Birds- Elephants, peacocks, Yali (a majestic mythical beast that guards the entrances to the temple, looks like a lion with elephant tusks and has a serpent-tail) are popular motifs. From gentle animals to fierce beasts, the animals that meander across the borders of the saree, or along the pallu or the body, are resplendent. They add an adventurous wild look to the wearer.

Pic Credits : @sarangi-the-kanjivaram-sari-store# , @kanakavalli# and Hyagrivas!